When The Anti-Cop Narrative Doesn’t Fit

In quite possibly the worst technical display of educational video capabilities you’ve seen to date, Mike the Cop sets up a phone in a box and later points it at his computer to show you a video lol. The point of it is that the anti-cop sentiments expressed widely across media platforms may give a PERCEPTION of cops waiting and wanting to do harm to others when they get the chance, but this is the kind of stuff that mostly goes unseen and represents the overwhelming majority of what happens when the cops find the bad guy.

The video I show is out of Baltimore and a cop is handling a tenant dispute and ultimately shots are heard and the officer rushes to the scene and catches a presumed suspect and it’s caught on body camera.

Looking at life through the lense of common sense is so freeing. Join us won’t you!?


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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


41 thoughts on “When The Anti-Cop Narrative Doesn’t Fit

  1. The problem is that most officers will protect the over aggressive officers most departments have at least one. Why do they protect the over aggressive ones? If the cops did a better job of policing them selfs it wouldn't be as big of a problem as it is.

  2. Why would the media talk bad about the police all the time? Maybe its because the police that take care of us aren't the same police that take care of them. All police officers have to reach that point where they must engage an evil person and become a viscous individual in order to subdue, fight or kill an evil person. The devils lawyer will call your guardian angel a racist bully bigot to get the devil off. Many police officers are just like you trying to do a very difficult job of protecting the street. But like in every jobs there are some asshole at work.

  3. I heard "I might have to shoot her" but I just assumed there was something else going on, not that he wanted to shoot some helpless her.
    But I am glad you cleared up the audio.

  4. Did I see that correctly? A white cop not shooting an armed black suspect. I don't know how they manipulated the badge cam footage but we all know that racist white cop mag dumped on that poor black kid. Probably did it after he was disarmed and the camera cut off.

    That person had a moment of clarity. There's a chance that they may not have even been the shooter but they got one thing right. Follow the officers orders and there's a very good chance you won't get shot. Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed.

  5. I lived in Baltimore. Sadly, that is just a normal day. The officer who responded showed a tremendous amount of courage. I have personally seen a man get shot in the back of the head, execution style, in broad daylight. I was able to give a description of the shooter, who was apprehended. I was proud to do that. That said, I moved soon after, directly because of the overwhelming level of violence in Baltimore. Now I live in the wide open spaces of N. Arizona where it is peaceful and serene. Being a cop in "Bawmer" is especially difficult because of how bad it is there. I commend everyone who has the guts to wear a badge in a literal war zone.

  6. Mike you’re a great cop. But I don’t believe you live in reality. I know there’s a lot of good police officers out there and I’m not downplaying the role they play in protecting our society. I have read and watched many videos and stories about bad cops. Way too many! And sometimes whole police departments.

  7. Generally speaking I am not a fan of LEO's. I'm not saying all are bad. That would be silly. I've encountered officers that were perfectly friendly and professional. Of course I was being friendly which I'm sure helped some. It even got me out of a speeding ticket once because I was just like "Officer, I'm not even going to lie, I honestly don't know how fast u was going, but I am late for work and probably speeding."

    He looked at my license and insurance. Looked back at me and said "Well, how about this. I know you're late so I won't hold you up but you have to promise to slow it down for me and I'll give you a warning."

    "Yes sir, sorry about that. I'll slow it down. Have a good morning." And just like that no ticket, no fight.

    I've also encountered totally douche bag cops who only stopped me because they profilied.

    What I'm trying to say is I think we all heard the cop say he might have the shooter. Again I don't even really have an affinity for cops, but I mean c'mon. This guy was 100% fine with how he handled this.

  8. SORRY MIKE. BUT THE REASON PEOPLE FEEL LIKE THAT IS BECOUSE THERE ARE POLICE OFFICERS WHO ARE BULLIES, WHO GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO OVERLY INTIMIDATE WHOEVER THEY PULLED OVER. AND THEY DO LOOK FOR WHATEVER THEY CAN TO JACK THAT PERSON UP.I say this from personal experience. DON'T get me wrong I'm not saying their all like that.Most have been professional and polite. But I have encountered some who where total Ass hats. Personally I believe its the Officers who have the US v Them attitude who believe that if their not cops then they are criminals of some kind or soon will be
    BUT that's just my opinion

  9. honestly I heard 'i have one down, might have to shooter' but does make more sense 'have the shooter', i mean the person running looked like a male so i doubt the officer would refer to him as her XD

  10. To radical Blacks, the shooting of one black man is a "crisis" due to their extreme prejudice against police. I'd say let them police themselves if that's how they feel but I won't for two reasons, 1) Decent, law-abiding people in the Black communities want police protection and 2) We already have a Black community largely managing itself. It's called "Chicago".

  11. I'm not a moron. It did sound to me like the cop said he might have to shoot her. I didn't get upset about that because I know that I don't have all the facts. I do thank you for clearing that up though. But I resent being called a moron because I misheard something.

  12. Mike the facts are a few bad cops and (please don't tell us you think there are none). The fabled Blue wall is a problem for cops and the public. Cops need to protect each other until the Proof is overwhelming, then they need to condemn. Please don't tell me I don't understand I have 2 uncles who are both cops so I'm not a cop hater. Cops do need to police there own the same as the public.

  13. I'm not buying that the media is anticop, they are just sensationalist that over report negativity. You might consider me anticop but I am not, I based my opinion on logic and evidence and much like the news media most of the videos that get hits are of bad cops which includes good cops covering for them or remaining silent.

  14. Wow the tone deaf cop who keeps calling shitty stuff ghetto. Say it one more time dumbass. And one video of a cop doing something good doesn't override the literally thousands of police brutality videos. Not all cops are out to brutalize people, most are there to rip people off through civil forfeiture or bullshit tickets to raise their city some finances, because we aren't taxed enough already.

  15. "There are dentists that have knocked people out and raped them, but I still want my teeth cleaned." — Mike The Cop. This is a quote for the ages. I'm stealing this one, brother.

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