When Cops Do Everything Right and STILL Get Sued

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Enough is enough with this BS in the media and frivolous lawsuits. What a joke!
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42 thoughts on “When Cops Do Everything Right and STILL Get Sued

  1. Cops should be more intensely held personally responsible for what they do now they have to put their money and balls where the brutality is. Also this is a great way to not harm the police force as a whole. Police need more funding for better preparation before they can carry out their duties in public.

  2. The scumbag attorneys who take this kind of case, almost always on contingency, need to be held financially liable for the legal fees to defend the officers and department in frivolous suits like this. I think you'll see cases like this go away overnight when the lawyer knows that there's not going to be a "nuisance value" settlement, and they're personally going to be out some serious coin when they lose. It's called "loser pays" and every state should adopt it. They never will, because the lobbyists for the state bar association have too much money to pay off our politicians, and way too many politicians are attorneys themselves. I'm not even going to address the media bias, that's just beating a dead horse.

  3. I got sued once for using my PR24 Baton on a teen who was trying to hit me in the head with a skateboard. The judge kicked it out of court after the depositions were collected. You are right, creates undue stress on top of a stressful situation.

  4. Mike , dont u watch all these auditos where cops are A.making up laws and B . Dont know laws . Trying to arrest people for no reason . You cant keep treating the public like this . People are sik of it man , get used to it . Cause no one wants to work anymore and if they can get paid by your ( police's ) stupidity , then thats what they gonna do.

  5. Get woke go broke. The pendulum will swing the other way. Things are getting so out of control they start giving police more powers to use more force more liberal use of their firearm. And they rightfully should when you think of the number of people who are innocent who are shot by police the percentage is so minuscule

  6. Agree except for the qualified immunity. Cops and all other officials should be held accountable if they do something wrong or illegal. If they act within the boundaries of the law and department policy, of course they should be protected but there are those that abuse qualified immunity. The cop in this video is a hero, he went above and beyond to make sure that the kid was comfortable.

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like handcuffing the kid was a protective custody type of situation, where they take people involved in a violent incident into custody while they figure out what happened, and then release those who didn't do anything illegal. It's a safety protocol. I would assume the judge will pop the mom with responsibility for the defendant's legal fees.

  8. cops could have not pulled over the wrong car, they could have not covered that mistake by charging the guy after knowing the stop was invalid. they could do some investigation before presuming guilt upon people, especially knowing that fleeing from gunfire is a normal thing. what else, could not smear the guys name to save face that they failed to catch the actual criminals they were after.
    its better to let 100 guilty men escape than the to imprison 1 innocent man. this man was innocent of the crime he was stopped for, anything you want to add after that is irrelevant and shows your loyalty to actual law and justice

  9. @6:40 imagine getting arrested or charged with a crime that you weren’t guilty of… you have no immunity. You pay for an attorney, have it hanging over Your head and all because someone decided to write a charging affidavit against you. It doesn’t work both ways mike. Cops get away with more than citizens. It needs to stop.

  10. They get rid of qualified immunity across-the-board, I promise you myself and other officers will not be responding to anything. We will get within a couple blocks, we will wait until all the shooting is done and everybody has left, then we will come and put tape up and what have you because it’s clear they don’t want us to be there and help the situation, they want us to be there so they can sue us and get money. To hell with that. They want a useless police department and that’s exactly what they’re going to get. Who are you going to sue when no one shows up? Yourself? Go for it. You can’t have a mandate for officers to put their lives on the line and rush into a dangerous situation and then turn around and sue them because they didn’t do it exactly the way you wanted them to do it with little information at the time. So if you are going to take something like qualified immunity away, we’re going to take something away, and that something is we’re not gonna show up and get ourselves killed or sued, or both since you don’t think my rights mean anything. If you think you can do better, go ahead. We’ll show up and show you what you did wrong once everything is safe.

  11. This is so dumb. Attorneys are jocking for cases like crackheads in a room full of used chalk. The 11 year old is more of a MAN than his daddy. Kiddos to this kid for conducting himself with respect for the officer and dignity in his actions!!!!

  12. Is this you whining that the media isn't fawning all over cops anymore?

    Perhaps if less of you were corrupt, then the media wouldn't question your motivations and behavior as much.

    But you are vocational school educated, and bullies who commit domestic violence at double the average rate of thr population and hunt minorities for sport.

  13. but heres my issue with police as a whole. u have the DA who looks at this as a political issue and not as a law issue so when u have the 10 cops who do bad they are lumped into the same boat as these officers who did good.

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