We can break down the door – Cops show up to wrong persons home at 5:30AM

Chiefs Investigation / https://pdf.ac/qf6lF

For more information on this police department https://www.facebook.com/hollyhillpolicedepartment?mibextid=LQQJ4d

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45 thoughts on “We can break down the door – Cops show up to wrong persons home at 5:30AM

  1. I love your approach, watching someone who was a former law enforcement officer, your narration on questions to officer's is professional. I believe education is the key to making a more professional standard for these officer's that swore to uphold our freedoms and constitutional rights. Thank you James! Love ya man 😊

  2. Thank you for the video and the other notes, especially the "write up"
    FYI, you have text that says "Chiefs Investigation" I think iy should be marked "Captains Investigation"

  3. Most cops, apart from being cowards, are narcissistic sociopaths, not only not caring about people's rights, not caring about the damage they do to the psyches and property of the innocent. The fact that SO many innocent are traumatized by their lack of due diligence and care is proof of this.

  4. For one thing are there no fitness standards in that city?
    Dude that heifer could never chase down a subject!
    She ain’t fooling anyone she wanted in there that bad because she smelled cupcakes from the road!😂😂

  5. Dude call it right… she is a deep shit 😂 however, I was shock to see her be able to climb over that fence. I guess Pigs 🐖 can fly and climb 🧗‍♀️ fences 😂😂🤣😂🤣

  6. That Chiefs letter to the occupant is crap!!! " If you had opened the door, they would have realised it wasn't you and left" NO, they would have been on the floor either dead or in cuffs!!!!! You say the chief is a stand up guy, so why are they deleting comments from their Facebook page????

  7. I think each county needs a fair U.S.A.marshal on hand and like the no trust passing sign their should be a sign saying at door that no warrant,no judge search warrant that if damage or damages that government officials immunity is expelled and will be held to full extent of lawsuit why'll on property and insurance will not commit to eny injury or death and property owner or occupant of such residents are not held accountable.

  8. It is astounding how many times police mess up addresses. And they never seem to think about double checking if they are right until they are deep into violating rights.

  9. So the super dangerous man was going to be apprehended by these 2 knuckleheads? They only watch one exit point, no investigation as to who actually lives there and I'm sure the woman shaped like a rain barrel could run down any bad guy with ease right?

  10. I don't know what the law in Florida is, but you go ahead and break down the door. Some states that Officer might not walk away, and the homeowner wouldn't be charged. And yea, the minute he told them to leave, they were trespassing.

  11. Yeah, this one is a proud Nazi and you can tell she wanted to do some evil things to you when you confronted her. I wonder, was your camera the thing that kept you alive. The anger and hatred in this Nazi cunts eyes upon being confronted and interrogated about her acts of domestic terrorism on American soil while impersonating a law enforcement officer, it was very clear she knew she’s been caught and exposed and now she either needs to do what every self respecting murderous Nazi thug would do, which is murder a law abiding citizen, or just call for back up and then arrest you on some false charges. Like, interfering with a domestic terrorist

  12. Sure they can break down our doors when we haven't broken any law(s).
    They can also be blown out of their triple-fatwide shoes/boots for their corrupt/traitorous action(s).

    This IS why we have a Second Amendment, and why THEY are so terrified of it!!!

  13. That's what I don't get, the pigs are still driving around with illegal tints, police are not American that's why they tried to make up their trash blue flag

  14. In Western Australia police have been given the power to ID anyone and everyone at anytime anywhere without probable cause.
    How would USA citizens feel about that. ????

  15. It definitely matters that Soto is obese and angry. She's clearly a loser in life and she takes it out on the public she detests. A question to ask her about how she came to this point in her miserable life is, "If the rule that you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?"

  16. Their training makes them actually believe they’re always right. But it’s so easy to put them on their heels. Love to see it. It’s easy for them to be an authoritative jackass when no one has the balls to challenge them. But as soon as someone does, they fall apart like every run of the mill dimwit. Keep ’em off balance JMA!

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