US Sanctions Venezuela Again to Prove Socialism Doesn’t Work

Shortly after Venezuelan opposition leader and self-declared president Juan Guaidó got a standing ovation at Trump’s State of the Union address, United States officials promised more sanctions on Venezuela. Why?

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29 thoughts on “US Sanctions Venezuela Again to Prove Socialism Doesn’t Work

  1. Generally good and on point, but two quibbles:

    1. U.S. foreign policy has not varied much between administrations since Lyndon Johnson, with a muted exception under Carter.
    2. Venezuela was used against the left as a "bad example" even when its economy was flourishing under Chavez.

  2. Just to add to this now that it is April 11, 2020 – It is obvious what the new sanctions are as a result of COViD: Complete closing off of the Venezuela/Colombia border in Cucuta, so that food can not get into the country from the land border, for which traffic had expanded many times over since February 2019, now it is a ghost town. And secondly the sanctioning of Rosneft and then four other sanctions were expanded to its subsidiaries TNK Trading International S.A; Indictment of Maduro could also be considered a sanction that is piled on by a Naval Blockade on the Venezuelan shores.

  3. Guado has already state that he will privatise Venezuela's oil. Obviously US and European oil companies will mop them up and more importantly sell the oil in Petro dollars. that's what this is all about – propping up the US economy. Go figure.

  4. Guaido was not elected and never even ran for President, he is guilty of Treason and should be hanged. Free education and free healthcare is not socialism. Should the US not have the Federal Reserve bank the US could easily afford some free things.

  5. 🤗Why don't the governments of Central and South America unite and impose sanctions on the United States? Support each other… United against the United States? 🤔If they have trading partners in Asia or Europe, they can make many things happen that circumvent the sanctions. 😡It is not the duty, responsibility or option for the United States to keep interfering with other governments for the greed of a few as they did in 1953 by removing the democratically elected president of Iran who wanted to use the wealth of oil to benefit the people of Iran. 🤮Profit over people is not preferable to most people in our country or their country. 😁👍The 2020 elections should remove as many corporate Democrats and all Republicans as possible. Let's change US policies by removing the corrupt policy makers.

  6. Peace be unto you…
    I am trying to find that page about Elliot Abrams on the State Department website and it does not come up in search…

    Was it removed or what is the exact URL so I may have access to it?

    Thank you for all that you do bringing us information…

    With Peace Sakinah

  7. Venezuela has the third-largest oil reserves in the world and the United States wants to control it.
    Venezuela is operating like a Republican would run a country. A dictatorship, no reinvestments and blame any and all social programs for their failures.

  8. Bullshit is all youre sprouting there pal , Youre not in the country youre in USA so all you have is bullshit hearsay !! Imagine if you lot put as much effort into building your own society instead of interfering in others , you have people dying in the streets there and starving kids with no homes so do yourselves a favor and engage with youre own people and piss off out of other peoples lives geez lifes too short now without your sabre rattling !!!!

  9. Establishment elite corrupt democrats are using and associating the antimaduro – anti socialist path to beat Bernie. And from a foreign policy perspective, there's no difference between Demo and Repubs

  10. So Guido is elected by the USA to be President of Venezuela
    And that is called democracy. You have to be insane to fall for that line. Venezuela's poverty is caused primarily by the US sanctions in the name if democracy sanctions. Death and destruction is the backbone of US foreign policy. If you are not subservient to the USA they will destroy you in the name of freedom and democracy. Lol.

  11. Nancy stood up and clapped upon announcing Guido? She must be getting financial benefit, if Guido rules Venezuela's oil & gold? All Venezuela's financial problems are due to sanctions for resisting American big oil companies trying to take control o their oil. Maduro kicked out big oil to benefit the people of Venezuela from the sales of their country's oil. Capitalists hate the thought of people of a country benefiting from their own country's resources. The greedy capitalists want it all.

  12. Thank the Military Industrial Complex. They want wars with all of these countries that have resources we want. We are cheating scum on the wrong side of history. The DNC is supporting this illegal action and making all who vote for the DNC candidates who are not progressive complicit with regime change wars. Vote third parties and stop this madness.

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