Union Organizer Takes On Neoliberal Fearmongering and Wins

Efforts to fight low wages and win health insurance for employees of a tax break-subsidized luxury hotel show how the mainstream media cultivates a false narrative that living wages are unaffordable.

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48 thoughts on “Union Organizer Takes On Neoliberal Fearmongering and Wins

  1. Ultra capitalism is the enemy of everything and everyone because it has an insatiable appetite for anything that makes them more and so called journalist’s in the mainstream media see nothing wrong with that. The only way to win is to take all the power away from them via elections, protest, and boycotting any product or service that hurts them the most.

  2. American descendants of Slaves (#ADOS)  have suffered incalculable generational damage from governmental and institutionalized racist policies and practices. From Slavery, Jim Crow Laws,  Mass Lynchings of Black People, the destruction of Black Towns like Black Wall St,  the denial of voting rights, Segregation, Redlining of Black Communities and

    Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans.  *The #ADOS community has a Duty and the Right to Fight for Reparations for #ADOS

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  3. One thing about living paycheck to paycheck that nobody says how much things coat that leads to ppl living check to check. Our costs go up everyday. Higher n higher and another issue is how much we are at mercy to banks with the credit system. No matter what happens we still are at the mercy of the banks saying we can ir cant have a loan for business, or anything like a car or a home. Credit means everything to your income because without it we cant buy a home or car. In order for our finances to improve we must also improve our borrowing power vs banks n companies as well. Give us the opportunity to make ends meet

  4. I used to work a gig like this one, a wedding planning company. I have much better working conditions now – 45k salary, health insurance, PTO, a cozy office where I never have to get dirty. It's nice, but it's still not fair. It's not fair that my employers get decide what my health insurance benefits are, or whether I'm allowed to stay home on Christmas eve. It's not fair that we make more money for the company month after month and don't see a dime of it in our paychecks.

    The other day I had my manager tell me I should stop complaining and be grateful that I'm not in a worse position. And don't get me wrong, I am grateful to be able to afford therapy, live by myself, have time off, etc. But I won't be bought – the conditions I see around me are part of the same system that tolerates stories like these, that allows mothers to lose health insurance mid-pregnancy. It's not fair, not because working class people don't live in luxury, but because we are robbed of the products of our labor by the owning class. That's why I will always support working class organizations and working class people, my people, against the machinations of capitalism regardless of how bourgeois agents try to appease and pacify me.

  5. People are equal ideas are not
    Do u not get people need to get educated to rise out of poverty I did and many have and I'm sorry but the top 1 % pay the EIC which people never even talk about which is filled with fraud

  6. Where I live they say living wage is $15 an hour, which is not, that’s still poverty what people need is at least 25$ per hour and more human lifestyle where you can eat properly and healthy, get exercise and balance that way you won’t likely need health insurance bcuz you will be healthy

  7. Why pay for Americans’ healthcare when you can spend trillions of American dollars bombing brown countries thousands of miles away? I’d rather see a bomb explode over some evil people wearing different clothes than mine than to see our people not go into bankruptcy or commit suicide over huge medical bills. Now those are first-world priorities!

  8. They see the medical industrial establishment is seen as a future cash cow for the Democratic party in the same way that the military industrial establsihment is a cash cow for the Republicans and pro-war Democrats.

  9. You have to wonder, how much is enough?
    These families(owners) have more wealth than they can possibly spend, yet deny their workers, who actually make the money for them, a living wage?
    We have been conned since forever.
    Some family sets themselves up as Monarchs, and convince all others to pay them fealty, rob other nations of their land, wealth and even people, and hand that wealth off to their descendants in perpetuity?
    Convince us to make laws benefitting them, not us. Owning the politicians so they can freely rob and despoil the natural environment and leave a garbage heap in its place?
    We have been long asleep, listening to sweet words and false promises of," you too can achieve this if you keep your head down, nose to the grindstone."
    How many in YOUR circle have achieved even half of what the Marriott family?
    Not many, I'd bet.

  10. Lib1: "The government is being bent to the whims of the rich!!"
    Lib 2:"WE'VE GOT TO STOP IT!!"
    Lib 3:"Let's get government to solve it!"
    Everyone: " EXCELLENT IDEA!"
    It's like watching rats think they can change the rat trap by getting in there and getting some cheese.

  11. I've been in a union for 26 years my father was a union man, we're both Teamsters and I've never seen a news reporting organization have our backs !.

    Thank you Real News ! If you are a union person donate they are doing vital work ! Solidarity!.

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  13. A $15 dollar per hour wage is extremely flawed and should be changed immediately. The figure does not account for the real cost of the region a person lives in. A living wage should reflect the cost of the region a person is employed.

  14. Inequality is built into Capitalism. The corporations are able to buy legislation to benefit the owners and wealthy backers. While i appreciate the reporting of this imbalance, the true issue that must be addressed is Capitalism itself.

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