Unicorn Good Cop Stops Bad Cop, Plus The Illusion Of Transparency

Sunrise Police Department
Address: 10440 W Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33351
Phone: (954) 746-3370

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36 thoughts on “Unicorn Good Cop Stops Bad Cop, Plus The Illusion Of Transparency

  1. Ohhhhhh what a sigh, will things ever change? Will bad cops ever be accountable for wrong doing or breaking the law?? Will we be able to sleep at night knowing this won't happen to ourselves or more importantly our loved ones? I can only hope & pray that things in the Leo community will…… someday…

  2. Why does this officer have such long fingernails?? at :31 and again at 3:24 you can see them plainly. Question is does he use those as weapons or does he paint them up at night for???…..or both?

  3. Blatantly hiding the facts, no excuse other than trying to keep the public in the dark, as it was said in the video, they are hiding the incrementing audio because what he is saying is probably so damning it would be even worse for the cop! So this is what they call transparency!

  4. This was not Transparency, because they burred all their faces, The Sargent was going to pepper spray the guy after he was already in cuffs and in the back of the car.

  5. Thankfully for everyone involved, the female officer didn't fear for her life and act in-kind. That aggressive cop's last action on earth; could have been choking a female co-worker, on-camera. Kinda hard to spin that narrative.

  6. All though this doesn't look good at all and that male cop most definitely didn't handle her intrusion any where near appropriately ! We need to keep in mind that the female cop could have been out of line cops are allowed to lie to you and me in the course of an investigation this cop may have been bluffing the apprehended individual and had no intention to do what ever it was that she thought he was going to do . I'm not saying that this is the case I fully agree that the incident needs to be investigated and that the footage needs to be released but if she is pressing charges against him for assulte then it is as any case releasing the footage could jeopardize the trial .

  7. No good cops.. they all have an inner feeling of being your authority not your equal.. horrible people choose this job. Like all people, they might make a good choice or do a good act, that doesn’t make them good cops..

  8. This should all be resolved when the suspect gets an attorney. This looks really bad. The supervisor putting his hands on the woman officer, assaulting her, there is no excuse! I hope that supervisor is in jail, demoted, and fired. He is obviously insane!

  9. Thats why I always remain calm when things go bad and thats why my mind still works like a genius, even in the middle of hell.
    This guy can't tell the difference between his partner stopping him and someone attacking him.
    Someone that can't handle adrenaline properly temporary has the brain of a crocodile and its scientifically proven.

  10. 1. I can almost bet that 💩 for brains goes home kicks the dog on the way in the house then in the living room takes the cat sitting in his pissy smelling recliner grabs it by the tail and swings it over his head and hurls it against the wall and then the wife comes in and he grabs the back of her hair and pops her one in the jaw… DADDY'S HOME…and the terrior begins…just think this is what it's like for people around this one it could be the steroids and crack he's on…and I hope the end that lady cop has his job and he's done

  11. Unions could be a good thing for the masses but it seems that is also upside down in this failed empire. Salute to the officer who pulled the wild pig off the cuffed man in the back of the piggy mobile shelter.

  12. Because all Law Enforcement officers take an OATH to the Fraternal Order of Freemasonry, they are sworn to protect the Brotherhood above all else. This female officer went against the "code". That is why you will never see officers arrest other officers unless one is designated as a sacrificial Lamb for Public consumption. Look up "Rod Class Attorneys Confession".

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