15 thoughts on “Uncensored Los Angeles Protesters

  1. Have been subscribed to Ricky and been watching his videos for years. But after watching his live streams throughout this madness and he promotes the destruction of innocent peoples buisness that did nothing wrong to the savages that are looting and burning hard working american businesses. And what about all the people that are now out a job because these idiots burnt them down. Your a fucking idiot ricky and I hope your property gets burnt the fuck down and your left with fucking NOTHING!

  2. What do u expect the pigs to do, I mean come on..u got crazy stupid fuckers rioting and causing big issues and of course they gonna be prepared. Disagree w u on this one. Yawn… then trying to invite bs by yelling over n over where the pigs park their cars..oh please, really…u starting shit..what does this help the tyrranical bs

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