Twitter Comes For Amanda Seales After Her Character Wore AKA Colors On ‘Insecure’

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Author: phillyfinest369


43 thoughts on “Twitter Comes For Amanda Seales After Her Character Wore AKA Colors On ‘Insecure’

  1. Being offended on account of organizations (fraternities and sororities) that are offshoots of demonic orders and [secret] societies is pathetic. Who cares.

    Are you ready for the imminent return of Jesus Christ, which will be preceded by a universal deception of satan personating the Son of God — deceiving millions? … See there? You've got other far more pressing matters to concern yourself over — such as you eternal salvation — than defending an entity that is not endorsed by GOD who, by the way, does nothing in secret pertaining to man's salvation. But everything to do with destroying your soul is veiled in darkness and is esotericism; that's how satan entraps. Awake out of sleep.

  2. TIFFANY IS A CHARACTER It aint like she walking around with pink and green in her private life showing up at AKA functions saying "skee wee" she is an actress playing a role. Morgan Freeman played God should we be going after him as well. I also like that Amanda said she played the character with honor and respect. Social Network is outta control.

  3. How u mad a show copying of black fraternity, but yall black fraternity using greek letters and not even greek to be copying that culture?

  4. I know people hate Amanda Seales but come on this is ridiculous lol its a freaking fake show and yes Social Media is the devil

  5. This is so bad I don't like Amanda seals and even I feel like she is a victim in this situation why like you ain't got nothing else better to do the internet really is the devil

  6. Listen, I’m leaving this one alone. Black Greeks don’t play with folks about their colors, regalia, paraphernalia. So, can’t get mad at em for this.

  7. AKA why aren't you supporting the VP (rating going down) and speaking out against all that is going on the black community. Link up with the Deltas and stop the petty stuff -There are more "serious matter" -omg

  8. First off she shouldn't be be wearing it, me an my family an friends worked to the these our letters…… she should've asked

  9. This is a clear example of, it’s not WHAT but WHO. If Rihanna or Beyoncé were up in a show wearing Soror clothes, I highly doubt anybody would be upset. In fact, I think they would be ecstatic. Miss me with the fake outrage. Y’all just don’t like Amanda.

  10. Charlamange needs to stay out of D9 business. He is not apart of the organization and just because it’s not a big deal to him, doesn’t mean it’s not a valid gripe. The show DID NOT get permission to use the org’s official para that is trademarked.

  11. The "they" who cried wolf. I luv u cthagod but u sound ridiculous. He didn't asked to be referred to as they. And even if he did u are not obligated to do so

  12. We’ve been knowing social media is crazy once people really started having beef with Michael Rainey Jr for his character Tariq on power lol

  13. Didn't Jasmine Guy do this on Different World….AKAs need to focus on their aint done shit since she been in office but support her Asian half soror

  14. Fictional or nonfictional, protection of the colors/shield or Greek apparel is taken seriously. Go look at Greek perps and see what the uproar is before you judge. I don't doubt the show received approval, but wearing Greek letters without going thru the process or being made, can lead to a lawsuit or a hostile situations. These Frats and Sorors are only protecting their organizations. Ask yourself why do shows or movies do not wear the correct military gear, not to depict the military, not to cause a hostile uproar with veterans or a lawsuit with the government. This is a breakdown in communication on both sides.

  15. So we all watch shows and films that have fictional characters who are Police Officers…LAPD & NYPD.
    Shows and films that have fictional characters who are in the Military…Army, Navy, etc.

    How did we all grow up and survive watching ‘A Different World’ without Social Media and unnecessary backlash.

    If this was based on a True Story or Documentary that possibly I understand.

    Do Society have to have unnecessary debates over everything?

  16. I think that it's dumb that they would get mad anyways but just to try to see it from both sides I do think that the actors have a certain responsibility about choosing characters that they are willing to portray It's like if a white actor went out and did a movie that they had to be in black face for part of it at this point in time most people would hold it against the actor not the director I mean even when like Scarlett Johansson was cast for ghost in a shell I remember a bunch of people giving her shit over her casting and not any of the people who were involved in making the movie

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