Tory austerity, Ukraine War inflation behind UK postal workers’ strike

Massive mobilizations and strikes have been witnessed in the UK over the last couple of months against the Tory government for failing to tackle the ongoing cost of living crisis. Postal workers, railway workers, public service workers, barristers, dockers, garbage collectors, Amazon workers etc. have walked out and gone on strike to demand better pay and better working conditions. TRNN delves into the postal workers’ strike and its roots in over a decade of Tory austerity measures. This video is part of a special Workers of the World series on the cost of living crisis in Europe.

This story, with the support of the Bertha Foundation, is part of The Real News Network’s Workers of the World series, telling the stories of workers around the globe building collective power and redefining the future of work on their own terms.

Producer: Alexander Morris
Videographer: Julia Schönheit, Alexander Morris
Video editor: Leo Erhardt

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Author: phillyfinest369


32 thoughts on “Tory austerity, Ukraine War inflation behind UK postal workers’ strike

  1. Inflation is man made, 5 cents used to buy a bag of groceries because the coins had more value, they used more metals for coins, gold and silver etc, now just collected at auctions. Back then the dollar was Gold Standard, but they sneak and lowered the gold standard for the US dollar, and use less metal on the new coins, that's why older coins are worth more, meaning you can work Less Lours not program 9 to 5 and pay value is higher without increasing wage which is scam cuz living expenses are man made. They raise rent and everything else because it's all regulated to keep many slaving. But the US dollar is worth 50 cents or less since they changed it from gold standards, thanks to The Treasury, Federal Reserves, and taxes. So even doing your taxes, since each dollar is not original gold standard, if we were not being slaved, we should get back tripple or more. Even the USA dollar over time start looking like monopoly money. If USA cared about Uniting with everyone, we can work less hours because the dollar and coins increase in value with the Stolen Gold. Besides no one knows who the IRS entities are, not the people working there with suit and ties, those are employees waiting for a check like ever other slave

  2. Nice to see that even "bad man" "rudebwoys" work at the post office. Hopefully theyre not the ones who nick our post containing bank cards 😑

  3. if the power goes back to the Public again, UK will again lead the world in every aspect and strike is the way forward, Privatizations is the problems it made all the companies run their business corrupted business plan by setting target on their profit turn up, even if the product doesn't meet standard

  4. Public services should never be profitized, privatized. In fact more commodities and services need to be nationalized. Stop the greedy. Stop those trying to profit on human basic needs. People investing in these things are looking for guaranteed profit with no risk, but it endangers those that depend on necessities. Profit comes with risk, if they can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Speculators have no right to disrupt society for their own selfish goals, imo.

  5. Capitalism and the almighty altar of increased profits.
    Not profits, but “increased profits” are the SOLE reason for workers being marginalised.
    Only “increased profits” drive the stock price up and that’s all the investors, the CEO and his cronies (and our billionaire PM) care about.
    To add insult to injury, those increased profits (essentially funded by the workers) are used for what purpose?
    No, not to re-invest in the company.
    No, not to improve the company. No, not to improve benefits. They’re used to buy-back company stock (to raise the stock price) and to squirrel-away in offshore tax havens so they don’t have to pay tax on it and where it doesn’t benefit the GDP of Britain one iota!
    That’s right, no good use at all.
    These poor workers get screwed over, to increase profits that are simply not needed – lovely.

  6. Stay strong. Funny that they have billions of pounds to give to the Ukrainian Nazis. Those are the same Nazis that your grandfather fought and died to defend your freedom.

  7. The so-called "Ukraine war inflation" has nothing to do with the strike. The reason for it is the total mismanagement of the company, the (proven) lies and the profits before people attitude of the company.
    I was a postman until last week. We are (were) treated no better than overworked leaflet/parcel distributors. And the denial of prioritising parcels, just complete lies. Mail not delivered for 4,5 days is not uncommon. Every word these posties say is 100% true.
    I spent a year at Peterborough. Such a great bunch of people. People who really do care about the job and the company, being broken down and discarded.

  8. Stop the silent war against ordinary people!!
    Enough is enough!!
    Zero tolerance to Barberism Now!!
    Don’t give up the fight
    Get up stand up for your rights!!
    We are all in this together!
    Many Arrows won’t bend
    The Chains we Refuse to wear!!
    We see them all!
    Exposed Evil Satanic Controller’s Agenda
    Against the Peoples of the Lands
    We do not comply
    No more excuses no more lies
    WWG1WGA ❤

  9. Remove the Lot of them!
    They don’t care about us!
    They have no Authority or Title!!
    Their Title has been removed!
    The Peoples Hold Highest Title!!
    We see you all
    Corrupt Corporations Monarch Owned Companies!!
    We Don’t think so
    The Peoples have no confidence
    This system is broken Beyond Repair!!
    Zee tolerance to Barberism Now!!
    Flip the switch!!
    We can do this ourselves!!
    We are capable free living sovereign Beings!!

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