Torture Is the Central Issue in the Guantanamo Trials

The CIA is hiding the names of those who ordered and carried out the torture of Guantanamo detainees. Even after years of legal battles, the United States is likely still using black sites and torture.

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24 thoughts on “Torture Is the Central Issue in the Guantanamo Trials

  1. Keeping someone constrained in a 30” x 30” box, not allowing them to straighten out their legs for long periods of time is torture and has a tradition that goes back to the Dark Ages.. These tasks and services are carried out by contractors employed by CIA….and the FBI?
    This is not to gather information. It is to provoke a world wide regiment of fear and uncertainty designed to protect the US's global reach.. It does irreparable damage to the US and it will grow…

  2. The use of any sworn government position to violate any law or any human right is the capital crime of sedition, undermining the legitimate government from within, and merits the capital punishment that legitimate government can impose (perpetual bondage).  Those who suborn, facilitate, cover-up, stand idly-by or harbor such criminals from justice are guilty of the same seditious capital crime and merit the same penalty.  There is no statute of limitations for prosecuting them, no immunity to prosecution, no sovereignty and no applicable mitigating circumstances.  Their ability to avoid prosecution indicates the range and spread of the sedition and corruption into various government institutions.

  3. If Penis, I mean Dick, Cheney says that the legitimate hold of prisoners is outside U.S. jurist prudence then all those involved can be stripped of their rights. We need the criminality on the scale of war crimes, an unbelievable miscarriage of law and history, to be made to be held accountable or answer the following question. Will we have to fight WWII all over again?

  4. US citizens and military personnel are all open to torture when captured abroad now that these lowlife assholes signed off on this. All involved in creating and implementing this should be waterboarded minimum 10 times before being executed. But we all know that nothing will happen too these folks and the USA tax payers will pay off these lawsuits.
    Thats it. thats all. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  5. Please look into the murder of Kenneth French and the shooting of both his parents in a Costco in Corona, California on June 14th, 2019 by off duty police officer Salvador Sanchez. He shot into an entirely unarmed family over a push or shove of some sort. Kenneth had 4 shots into his back and was over 20+ feet away. His elderly mother was shot first in the back and his father second in the stomach and 4 shots into Kenneth’s back. This shooting was beyond unjust and the corrupt grand jury proceedings allowed this criminal of a police officer to get away with murder. Please speak on this miscarriage of justice. The parents are still battling their lifetime injuries and lost their son all over nothing! These officers are getting away with anything and everything.

  6. vast amounts of psychopathic sexualized domination with specified applications from overseers even when absent and when succession was recommended.this is very common behavior for dominate or controlling individuals. more and more and more deadly and extreme behavior to satisfy the lust for euphoric violence.

  7. Mitchell is a sociopath when he cries abut his discomfort and cares not a wit when someone is being tortured. Modern society produces such a large number of high functioning sociopaths that are in positions to control the world.

  8. In this interview, Marc Steiner seems to indicate a growing relationship between The Real News and the Guardian. Following the defenestration of Paul Jay and Sharmini Peries last year, such a development would not come as a surprise. The channel has taken a rightward turn in its coverage, though good work is still being produced from time to time. But any professional collaboration with the Guardian will certainly come at a high cost in terms of journalistic principles. The paper itself has become a platform for Middle-eastern war-mongering, anti-Russian fabrications, outright smears of former colleagues such as Julian Assange, and militant espousal of "regime change" in Venezuela and other Latin American countries whose governments find themselves in conflict with the Washington Consensus. If The Real News is prepared to enter into any sort of partnership with the Guardian, expect a further decline in the standard of quality for which the channel was known under the stewardship of its founder, Paul Jay.

  9. When I was growing up, the fact that we didn't hold people without trial and that we didn't torture was what made the US a democracy. Examples of what the Nazi Germans and the Japanese did to prisoners were depicted as savage and uncivilized and they went on trial. This was codified by the Nuremberg war crimes trials of 1945. The purpose of Guantanamo is not to gather information, but to punish and spread fear to any individuals who would oppose the United States. Guilt or innocence is not the issue.. Are Americans so lulled and besodden with video dramas and trivialities that they can not tell entertainment from reality?

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