Thousands Rally with Bernie and AOC at Iowa Climate Summit

The day after he held the biggest Iowa rally of the election cycle, Sanders held a climate summit in Des Moines. TRNN’s Dharna Noor and Jaisal Noor spoke with attendees.
Disclosure: Dharna Noor donated $27 to Sanders’ campaign.

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36 thoughts on “Thousands Rally with Bernie and AOC at Iowa Climate Summit

  1. david bellamy and david attenborough both said climate change is not caused by humans, then were victimised for what they said, so polititions and globalist know better, yeah whos cutting downn the amazon forests, globalists and corporation, why dont the poititions stop themwhat a joke

  2. If u back Cortez and Briny Sanders your going with there green deal then dont complain when you have not money now food no gas for your car and our country is one a very bad depression u can't change what they want in no less then 50 years and a lot of money that our country does not have

  3. Natural disasters kill on average 60,000 people per year and are responsible for 0.1% of global deaths
    The number of deaths from natural disasters can be highly variable from year-to-year; some years pass with very few deaths before a large disaster event claims many lives.

If we look at the average over the past decade, approximately 60,000 people globally died from natural disasters each year. This represents 0.1% of global deaths.
    In the visualizations shown here we see the annual variability in the number and share of deaths from natural disasters in recent decades.
    What we see is that in many years, the number of deaths can be very low – often less than 10,000, and accounting for as low as 0.01% of total deaths. But we also see the devastating impact of shock events: the 1983-85 famine and drought in Ethiopia; the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami; Cyclone Nargis which struck Myanmar in 2008; and the 2010 Port-au-Prince earthquake in Haiti. All of these events pushed global disasters deaths over 200,000 – more than 0.4% of deaths in these years.
    Low-frequency, high-impact events such as earthquakes and tsunamis are not preventable, but such high losses of human life are. We know from historical data that the world has seen a significant reduction in disaster deaths through earlier prediction, more resilient infrastructure, emergency preparedness, and response systems.

Those at low incomes are often the most vulnerable to disaster events: improving living standards, infrastructure and response systems in these regions will be key to preventing deaths from natural disasters in the coming decades.

  4. I love seeing all these young people coming out and getting active in the political process. If a large group of them participate in voting they have the numbers to change our country and it's policies.

  5. I ♥️ the #Bern2020 .. sas did in 2016, sas will in 2020 but I see a helluva lot of young faces in this crowd .. makes me wonder how many will actually;

    -show up to
    get registered.
    (very important)

    -show up to vote in the DNC primary.
    (even more important)

    -show up on Election Day
    (the most important)

    All the establishment hacks are betting against it …
    Prove them wrong Iowa !

    It’s your country that’s being decimated by these Republican & Republican Lite parties.

  6. I wasn't going to comment on this post but when I heard the Pete and Warren leaning voter I had to. This is why we must call out the low information voters It's people like her who have the voters taken for suckers by the establishment that is screwing us. How foolish one has to be not to see what is so clearly obvious for one who is looking for the facts.

  7. Yes, Bernie has been saying the same thing, not waffling, the only candidate with the RECORD to show he won't go back on what he's campaigning on and that is why he's the only candidate that has my vote! Walking the walk, not just talking a bunch of talk, that's what's important to me.

  8. Will the global elite and global oligarch are getting traction on that Global Tax they want to hand-shackle the little people with. Big money can thank Bernie and AOC when that day arrives. All the tools pushing elite narrative agenda will be set for life (suck it little people)… accept for Al Gore… his attempt bombed.

  9. I cannot even speak with my father anymore, over his extraordinary (GOP) bigotries… They've lost their minds to fear and greed (fear)! The fear at the root of ”Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” — Albert Einstein

  10. bernie is the only one who can make his agenda a reality. he knows that you cannot succeed without an organized movement behind you. and he has created that genuine movement–an organized peoples' army. he IS our commander-in-chief and we ARE his boots on the ground. as organized-in-chief, he/we can quite easily orchestrate a blitz on any politician who refuses to go along with our plans. warren, an academic lawyer policy wonk with no movement, is an empty shirt. warren talks plans; bernie talks power.

  11. you call yourself the real news network, but yet you lie about how many people are there… more bullshit lies, from a tyt wannabe and that is not a good thing…

    wake up and educate yourself and break away from the indoctrination…

  12. The gal leaning towards Warren & Pete, "Bernie repeats the same thing over & over again. He has no new ideas". Really!?!? What if his repetitions & "old" ideas are good ones? Heck, I operate on old ideas….respect others, be flexible, live simply, eat right, exercise…….

  13. Doesn’t matter if young people don’t vote. I tell every young person I see to make sure they are registered and that they vote. I’m cautiously optimistic that they actually will this time.

  14. Words will accomplish nothing of consequence when faced off against the systematic destruction of the ecosystem for profit.
    Corperations have no conscience. Thier ONLY directive is higher shareholder returns. Greed = Death.
    Greed is an addiction like any other. Time for a global intervention.

  15. Okay video. Deleted my prior post, which mentioned more, but which I figure can be omitted. I'd like farming to return to FAMILY farming, so small scale, YES! And I know of Bernie having made some political mistakes in the past, hoping that he seriously learned from those mistakes, to not do the same thing again, but wish him WELL for the 2020 election. BUT, if he wins in 2020, then he's going to NEED a lot of support from the populace, for I don't presently know of there being much hope with the US Congress. Get ready for some serious Rock&Roll. I enjoy good festivals. It's then time to be festive.

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