They Lied to Us All Along, We Knew It, and the Afghanistan Papers Prove It

The Washington Post series exposes how political and military leaders purposefully misled the public from the outset of the war in Afghanistan–a war they knew could not be won.

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31 thoughts on “They Lied to Us All Along, We Knew It, and the Afghanistan Papers Prove It

  1. We shouldnt have fought in Korea. We should have let S.Korea become north Korea.
    We shouldnt have fought in Vietnam. We should have let it turn into China/North Korea.
    Iraq let Saddam and his sons terrorize their people.
    Afghanistan,let the taliban terrorize,torture,rape and murder civillians with impunity.
    Not being sarcastic. Fuck them let them soak in their own creations.

  2. "Winning" a war is not something that interests these people,continuing war is how they make their money…to Hell with other people's kids,to Hell with human rights,to Hell with the Constitution,to Hell with the American people and to Hell with anybody and everybody else!

  3. Every America citizen should care about this. Poor people are being held to extremely high levels of morality and are punished heavily when we mess up. These politicians need to be held accountable to the fullest extent. If not, we are allowing them to turn this Country from a Democracy into something completely different

  4. But of course they lied. You Caucasians have a history of lying to fit y'alls narrative. The whole dam planet can clearly see that you Caucasians are falling out of power. Y'all are the only people in denial.

  5. Well, if they lied about the Afghan war, maybe just maybe they lied about the excuse they gave for invading in the first place. The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, on September 11, 2001. Is anybody willing to take a look down that rabbit hole at the Real News Network?

  6. These generals know. Know they were told to take all the money and spend it on whatever and pretend you're still fighting, pretend you're rebuilding, then pretend there's resurgence and fight some more. But spend it to provide the pretense of the need to stay. Provide the diversion. While what was really going on was the CIA creating the chaos needed for the private corporations (like Haliburton, Exxon, Minerals and Mining companies) to get in and stay in to take the oil and the lithium. Afghanistan has the second biggest deposit of that coveted mineral second to Bolivia.
    They spent the trillions right into the pockets of many private for profit corporations like Black Water, Construction companies building worthless shoddy structures but get paid millions for it. And to bribe and corrupt Afghan officials to shut up and lie that they want and need us there. These companies found there is trillions under afghan soil.
    The CIA and their Corporate Owners concocted all of this so they can get the trillions in resources. And telling the troops that Afghans are the enemy. Terrorist. To fight and kill them. When all they are is a innocent pissed off people fighting an invading force trying to get us the hell out of their country. The same thing we would be doing if it happened here. The Pentagon officials knew their was no 'real' mission. No real identifiable enemy. Their mission was to pretend there was a mission. To spend the money to make it seem like there was a mission. To lie to the soldiers that the enemy was everywhere and have them kill to pretend their was a mission.
    Bush Sr., CIA and Pentagon officials had all this planned back in the 80's. And all of them from Rumsfeld, Bush and all those minions should be hung.

  7. Nothing is going to change until the people get out the pitch forks and guillotines and take to the streets and remove these evil corporate politicians who work for the interests of the bank's oil companies and the military industrial complex who make trillions out of these illegal wars while killing millions of innocent people, what a sick and evil world we live in.

  8. Retired U.S. Army colonel and former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, Colonel Lawrence B. Larry Wilkerson
    The United States will probably be in Afghanistan, I have said repeatedly, for the next fifty-plus years. Because it is the only place geographically speaking in that region from which the United State with high military power can affect China’s…One Belt One Road…,” said Wilkerson.

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