23 thoughts on “There’s NO way you smoke we*d out of that cr*ck pipe! Car search with k9.

  1. I have never in my life heard " let me search your vehicle and I won't give you a ticket". What I was told every time was "if you don't let us search we'll just call the dog". 🤣😂🤣😂 I would always respond with that k-9 better be quick yall are on the clock.

  2. What people don't realize is that when you give permission to search your car, they can rip you instrument panel apart, door panels, headliner, seats, carpet………and you can't hold them accountable because you gave them permission. Could be $$$ thousands in damage…..

  3. God, what a surly miserable bitch that K9 officer was, lighten up sweetheart, you are getting paid to ruin peoples lives, doesn't that alone put smile on your face?

  4. Shouldn't all that have been learned in their 6 months or is that just 6 months of learning how to put their uniform on and tie their shoes with the knowledge of the 1st amendment that cops have I would imagine that's what they learned for 6 months basics how to comb your hair brush your teeth that kind of stuff

  5. No constitutional amendment allowing the prohibition of ANYTHING after alcohol prohibition was repealed.
    The drug war was treason from the minute the oath breaking traitors fabricated it.

  6. I will never understand the mentality of people talking to cops like they're buddy buddy with them.

    They roll up on people and they're actually doing time consuming things looking for any reason whatsoever to lock you up.

    People stand around talking to them like they're just having a friendly conversation.

    NO! They're talking to you trying to get you to incriminate or confess about something.

  7. There is No need for this many cops especially when Port Orange has a SOCALLED SHORTAGE of police officers, or maybe it's a SHORTAGE OF GOOD OFFICERS??? GOOD Audit ,keep up the GOOD work Watch yur back .

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