The theology of police authority: the impact of Biblical text Romans 13

A deep dive into the inner workings of a church in Kenosha, WI that espouses the scripture of Romans 13 to imbue police authority with the power of the word of God. The department’s theology and misconduct is exposed by a former Kenosha police detective. Please join journalists Taya Graham and Stephen Janis for this important episode of the Police Accountability Report!

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20 thoughts on “The theology of police authority: the impact of Biblical text Romans 13

  1. It's my opinion that the authorities only have power over the citizens much the same as husband's have in their house. They both must be in line with GODS will. If those in authority miss treat those citizens and abuse the powers I trusted to them in the doing of their job, then they are no longer in the right nor in line with GODS will. This also holds true in the husband wife and children. If the husband is a GODLY man and lives his life as GOD meant for him to live then his wife and children will submit to the leadership of the husband because he is submitting to our LORD JESUS and is in line with the will of GOD. So Romans 13 is very much the truth, it's the men and women in HIS trust who must go about their jobs in obedience to the will of GOD. Any other way will only cause them to lose the authority they think they would still have while behaving in manners worse than the criminals of the world. FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

  2. 5:36: almost done with precision, the 5% is eating donuts. They lump the 15% of caring mostly to the real calls cause 1/ they could lose the privilege of the blue line 2/ if you see some cops which don't know/think no camera on them, they act with impunity. Like a delagate of foreign country enforcing our laws his way, and never held accountable.

  3. AOC spoke of religious hypocrisy on the Senate floor about a year or so ago. It's worth the watch.
    I like Napoleon Bonaparte's take on religious hypocrisy: "There must be religion. Otherwise the poor would murder the rich." He fuggin hated the bourgeoisie.

  4. You're so brainwashed and programed to be treasonous anti-American puppets of satan and obama throughout America. If someone breaks into your home, what are you gonna do ? After a car accident, what are you gonna do ? The unleashing of demonic mobs are about to burn your house with your family inside, what are you gonna do ? You people who are hell bent on getting rid of the police are just plain STUPID brainwashed people. Wake Up !!!!

  5. They're not real christians. The majority of them belong to the fraternal order of police. They're freemasons that infiltrated the christian churches all over the nation, if not the world.

  6. Some southern fundamental Christians used the Bible to justify slavery, There are still many today, that try to justify almost anything by taking verses of the Bible out of context. to support their views. I quit going to church many years ago when churchgoers in my church, separated from using the WORD as their ultimate judge and substituted the WORD of God with their self-righteous opinions. It does not matter if Ham was black or not. Like the Pharisees, they twist the WORD to create a millstone around the necks of others and give themselves every advantage to lift themselves up above others. I also have quit the Republican Party for the same reason. The laws should apply equally to all. These hypocrites should not determine who can vote and who cannot. There should not be one set of rules for one and a different ser for others. The end does not justify the means.

  7. Funny how any piece of shit can pull out a bible verse to justify his actions. Here's a scripture the cops really need to understand.
    John 8:44
    You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

  8. Romans 13 provides perhaps the single most blatant contradiction between saul of tarsus and Jesus christ himself. Here, saul of tarsus pontificates that it is impossible to serve god (1 master) without first serving man-made government (2 master) therefore proclaiming that people of God MUST serve 2 masters, whereas Jesus christ is recorded saying, "no man can serve 2 masters, he will hate one or the other" basically saying that people of God must choose whether to serve god or serve man-made government instead, it is IMPOSSIBLE to serve both.

    This particular contradiction is special because it illuminates roman government agent saul of tarsus as one of those so called apostles referenced in Revelation 2:2.

    Also, the only reason Roman government agent saul of tarsus letters are in the "new testament" at all (and the fact they comprise the majority of said compilation) is because the Roman GOVERNMENT decided it to be so. Hence, the many contradictions between saul of tarsus philosophy and doctrine and GODS OWN WORDS throughout the alleged "holy book."

  9. Romans 13 (words of roman government agent Saul of Tarsus) is a direct contradiction to 1 Samuel 8:7 (words of god himself) and Matthew 6:24 (words of god's "only begotten son") consider that when considering the biblical legitimacy of the man-made state.

    Also, consider Revelation 2:2 when contemplating the legitimacy of Roman government agent pontificating included in Roman government compiled "New Testament."

    If religious people were to hold the words of their own God and their God's son in higher esteem than they hold roman government agent pontificating on his "own authority," perhaps man-made government wouldn't even exist today.

  10. It sure is taking a long time for everyone to figure out that religion, specifically Christianity in this country, is at the root of most of the chaos and ridiculous delusional groups who are revealing themselves for who they really are.
    Trump cult members, Qanon, tv evangelists, etc. are ALL possible because of the Christian narrative… these things could not function without the Christian narrative, it is precisely what makes all the batsh!t conspiracies make sense to them.

    BTW let’s just review, here’s the Christian narrative:

    So a violent narcissistic dictator type of character who brags about mass murdering humans for the entire first half of his holy book (otherwise known as the abrahamic god) created a HUMAN version of himself for the sole purpose of SACRIFICING that HUMAN version of himself as some kind of an abstract nonsensical gesture of the ultimate “act of love?” That SACRIFICIAL narrative only makes sense if one forces themselves to accept it… in what world or logic does HUMAN SACRIFICE equal the “saving of souls” or “eternal life”????
    And to celebrate the above nonsense Christians can’t wait to go to church to stand in line with all their fellow barbarians waiting for their turn in the ritual of communion, which is essentially the act of pretending to EAT THE FLESH and DRINK THE BLOOD of the HUMAN SACRIFICE version of their god.


    And STILL everyone wonders how Christianity can be used in such negative ways?!?!!
    Hahahaha, Christianity is a barbaric HUMAN SACRIFICE CANNIBAL CULT that is somehow still acceptable in today’s modern society.

    Religion is offensive!

  11. That's not what the fuck that verse means.
    Tell me… When Christ returns, what will he be wearing and what will be stained on it. So says the bible. But we cant discuss that right.
    Message to the oppressors and the good people that look the other way and make excuses. Good luck with that.

  12. If some folks whom kill cops, they need to get their act together and go after the cops whom use Blacks and other disadvantage folks as TARGET PRACTICE! Target Practice on these evil racist cops, leave the GOOD COPS ALONE!

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