The Secret History of WWI with Adam Hochschild | The Chris Hedges Report

Historian Adam Hochschild examines the untold history of WWI in his new book, American Midnight: The Great War, A Violent Peace, and Democracy’s Forgotten Crisis.

Adam Hochschild is an American author, journalist and historian. His works include King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa, To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914–1918, and Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire’s Slaves.

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28 thoughts on “The Secret History of WWI with Adam Hochschild | The Chris Hedges Report

  1. Chris Hedges could’ve been a gazillionaire if he sold out like 99.99999% of our journalists

    He’s richer than them all 4 chiding the road less traveled & Im grateful I’m walking the path to know it

  2. The rotary blade snowplow of the Milwaukee Road Railroad for decades had a campaign poster of Woodrow Wilson located in the footwell of the operator's compartment so it could be kicked. The last sighting of the poster being in the 1980's. Mildly put, he was bitterly hated by railroad workers. He crushed the unions, revoked their second class mail privileges, had their private correspondence via first class mail opened and read and used as evidence, and fostered brutal working conditions when the Railroads were nationalized.

    The railroads were unable to handle the war production and private capital was not going to spend the money to upgrade equipment and railroad structure and traffic and signal control to handle the freight volume.

  3. Great conversation on such an interesting time in history. It's unbelievable what forms of oppression existed and still persist that go almost completely untold to the general public. I really enjoyed this video.

  4. Hold up. These two guys are talking about a vigilantly problem. And Hedges calls them Right wing. While Hochschild uses as examples the Proud Boys and the Normie Cons who marched on the capital building. Is this a joke? The Proud Boys were a silly little club run by a comedian. And the Trump "marchers" were suburban and blue collar America firsters who'd had enough of their jobs being outsourced to China and India since 1991.

    Who was setting fire to, and closing down cities two years ago. THE LEFT vigilantes. BLM and Antifa. I can respect Lefties like Hedges on some major issues. But they come from the Left so they'll always be kinda full of it. Blind spots. Perhaps they later mentioned BLM and Antifa, but I quit watching. 9:40.

  5. Very interesting. I only knew a few fragments of the dark side of this era in the US. Things like president Taft passing anti-trade union laws, or eruptions of anti-German resentment at incidents like stoning a Dachshund to death.

  6. Capitalism's greatest trick was convincing people that no other desirable economic model exists. Capitalism permeates every aspect of culture, wages wars, inculcates us with it's dead eyed values, starves and poisons and tortures, savages the planet, and cheerfully says "next", as the bolt gun goes to our heads.

  7. Great interview.

    29:35 Fun fact, Gary, Indiana was a company town. Let that sink in, and next time you watch the Music Man (oooold movie), propagandizing about that company town is what that song is about.

  8. These topics NEED to be introduced to the youth so they CAN SEE the storm coming BEFOR it hits. As all Americans we EACH will never be free nor achieve by divide and conquer tactics and if any one of us is not free to speak, free to think free to pursue liberty.

  9. Stunning report – Thank you once again and AGAIN for ALL your stellar research and the work to bring light onto those darkened quieted things that NEED to be known to make PROGRESS and NOT REPEAT mistakes so that everyone is on the better side of history.

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