The Chris Hedges Report: Julian Assange’s father, John Shipton, speaks out

Julian Assange has spent over a decade fighting imprisonment, extradition, and CIA espionage. On Oct. 8, Chris Hedges and others will gather in Washington, DC, to demand Assange’s release at the same time that protestors surround the British Parliament. For this special episode of The Chris Hedges Report, John Shipton, Assange’s father, shares updates on the international campaign to free his son.

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33 thoughts on “The Chris Hedges Report: Julian Assange’s father, John Shipton, speaks out

  1. What is happening to Julian is PROOF we have not learned a damn thing about the medieval times! I would argue we are still living in those times! Those who are doing this should be convicted of crimes against humanity and serve live sentences with the EXACT methods by which they are treating Julian!

  2. Let this journalist go home to his wife and children. Christmas is coming and his family needs him and especially his sons. This is persecution it’s ridiculous.

  3. This reminds me of treatment of Hodorkovsky and Navalny by Putin's Russia. Fabricated case, cruel punishment, personal humiliation and character assassination.

  4. part 2 ,when i tried to get a restraining order to make the stokers leave me alone the judge,[and damn right i was terrified to be in a court after what they had done to me] the judge put on googly eyes glasses with springs in them to mock me, i was dying, poor with crones disease, they had molested a 2 year old child in the court house waiting room before i went in to be humiliated by this monster, 'now lets see a feminist mom protect a child from rape' it was right out of Hitlers and Stalin's fake trial hand book, all the times i had tried to make the law stop the monsters using me and from from violating me, when i spoke out they used kids…many of these kids are scared for life, but i was told it was 'job security for the prison system' and a great way to terrorize a teacher, a mom that loves her children and who had always fought for children's rights! also they can own, blackmail molesters and rapist. my life for over 30 years has been an open air prison, i am celibate because like a Cheetah i do not mate in captivity! and they will never own me because i am a goody! yes free Julian, it is evil and dangerous to all our freedoms what they are doing to him! But also free ME because if they had not of gotten away with doing this tome, then, and stocked me with the fake-o scum of the earth, they never would have tried it on others, maybe their would have been no fuk u she ma meltdowns if i had got to publish my work on energy, i do science as well well as creativity and spiritual work. if they had done this to maybe they would never have dared to go after JULIAN! if they had of said the truth about me some of those mass shootings may have not happened, etc… and maybe if they had done this to Julian, some of the journalist killed would still be alive if they had freed Julian! if you had my work on energy maybe some child you know would not have cancer right now, if i could have published my work on energy…i hang on under torture, tortured in my own home,i pray for Julian I pray for Snowden i pray for all victims of injustice and violence and climate change and nuclear poison, i pray for my family and for myself,OH Please God, no More! i crt,, let me have my kids in freedom and privacy,my same prayer none stop sense about 1984. A blessing on Snowdon, Blessing on Julian, to survive and have an economy freedom, truth, restitution, privacy, pay me my royalties to Roberta May Hope Caster, and my kids ,Hope under torture, be none violent be honest don't forget about us!!,HOPE also thank you for being such a delightful guest and human, Julian was very lucky! we all love your son that love truth and freedom!

  5. Currently the USA is being deconstructed by mindless pawns who have been infected with insane levels of propaganda and installed into the public school systems to infect the youth with insane levels of propaganda. The WEST is failing.

  6. It turns out Iranians wanted the Mullahs all along. Mossadegh vs Shah is a moot subject. The Mullahs and their millions of supporters executed or assassinated Mossadegh supporters in Iran and abroad. There is no point in rehashing the 1950s. More relevant is France's role in bringing Khomeini to Iran in 1979.

  7. the court of human rights tells England what to do and forces us to pay legal fees , health and housing plus food all at our cost, they stop us evicting people here illegally while we get no support. our government and the eu are ruled by WHO. hence why we choose brexit too, we pay prescription charges while scotland votes to increase the cost yet they get free scripts, yet we have no say in their parliment, we cant even be one under uk so why would scotland want independence yet join eu. mess we in. we have unelected leaders in parliament. we funded all of eu poor countries now its never being paid back.

  8. Amazingly well spoken interview.
    The western cabal of governments who have led their nations towards international twrrorism.
    Assange ripped the veil back on how elected leaders have led their nations astray

  9. It’s all because we envy Americas senses. of justice and freedom. The most staggering thing about this is the silence of the press and the Australian government

  10. And now 9 months later, this evil slow torture continues. All Western countries seem to have become, that which they said they would never be. Freedom, democracy, egalitarianism, lawful conduct,. All forgotten, how did our systems get so far from the dream??. It seems to me that fachists now run our world. Dissenters were tolerated before, but are now censored or jailed, or their bank accounts are frozen, like the truckers in Canada. How did we lose confidence in our system , such that it became totalitarian??.

  11. If anyone is interested in reading the UN's Special Rapporteur on Torture's 26 pg report on Julian that Chris is mentioning, the cc misspells his name; it should read Nils Melzer, not Niels. I hope this helps.

    There are darker forces at work than Killary Rodham Clinton in all this; unfounded accusations of anti-semitism has raised the ire of the Mossad, and as we all know – that country gets results from using their age-old cry.

    Those of us who are old enough know all about Pompeo & his ilk. Pompeo should be rotting in HMP Belmarsh, not our Julian!

  12. The silence about this issue from most “journalists” is deafening. It amazes me that they don’t at least see how this could affect them someday too.

  13. Britain is the second most evil nation on the planet. We are as Trump says…"America First!" German is angling for a place at the table but they wiped themselves out sanctioning themselves. They have a lot to learn.


  15. Julian's father is very well spoken on the mater.. The Biden Administration should do the right and proper thing and drop the pursuit of all prosecution.

  16. It just goes to show how weak the political partys and leaders are in Australia competing against each other for control of the till and personal wealth the fact that a prime minister didn't have Assange released handing Joe biden 400 billion all he had to do was say you have a deal and 10% For the big guy as soon as Assange steps onto Australian soil I'll sign the contract. What gutless piss weak suck ups .

  17. Australian govt. is disgraced by this, not supporting their own citizen. The Aussie polititians unfortunately have long been a bunch of mostly venal , corrupt, and blackly comedic bunch.

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