28 thoughts on “Take over Daytona – police shut down beachside!

  1. this is what ticks me off, "Its for my safety", your not responsible for my safety, I am. i live on that island/peninsula, and you are keeping from my home! Get out of my way. I f there's a crash or something blocking the bridge or roadway to my house, i get it, but just because something is 1/2 mile or more from my house, doesn't mean your solution is to close down all access to residents and their homes. Find another way to handle the problem.

  2. Daytona residents and cops have gotten soft, I remember when there be 6 weeks of bumper to bumper traffic during spring break on A1A and all the major arteries going on and off the island, this is nothing. You should have seen traffic before A1A was four laned between University and Silver Beach. boulevard

  3. Causeways to Miami Beach are at a standstill (have been since Friday afternoon) , but they can't shut them down or restrict access because they're Federal (interstate) highways. I don't expect to be able to get off the island til Tuesday. This happens every holiday weekend. At least nobody here is protesting, and nobody is blocking streets except the police.

  4. Even following a hurricane they allow beachside residents to show ID and return home. I would have been royally pissed if people breaking the law and blocking the street had blocked my right of travel. I can appreciate limiting access to non-residents when it becomes so crowded that there are safety concerns.

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