SWAT Officer Shoots Suspect Attempting To Stab Police K-9

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Jacksonville, Florida — On Wednesday, April 12, 2023, a call was made about a possible kidnapping and burglary at a home in the 12700 block of Copper Springs Road near Hodges Boulevard. It came from the woman’s friend about 12:30 a.m. saying the woman could not get out of the home after he forced his way in and was threatening her with a knife. The woman had texted the friend. She could not get out of the bedroom, he was known to be armed with a knife and has threatened her many times before. Officers were able to convince her and get her to go out through the master bathroom window. That’s when the standoff began. SWAT arrived around 5 a.m. in the Bentwater neighborhood and used a bullhorn to try to get 38-year-old Matvey Klimenkoto come out.

Klimenkoto threw items at police and appeared to still be armed with a knife, police said. He then fled the scene through several homes. Officers unleashed K-9 Zeke, and Klimenkoto appeared to be about to stab the dog. That’s when police said he was shot. Klimenko died on scene. Klimenkoto was a convicted felon and had several warrants for charges involving this woman. He was reportedly terrorizing the woman for months, reports the Florida Times-Union. Police say there were calls to service involving conflict between him and the ex-girlfriend since December 2022. The woman had tried to end the relationship and move “in secret,” but the man was able to pursue her after he hacked into her email account and found evidence of where she was living, police said.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer McDonald
1:09 – Bodycam: Officer Reese

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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24 thoughts on “SWAT Officer Shoots Suspect Attempting To Stab Police K-9

  1. I dont think a dog's life is worth more than a human. The guy was not trying to stab a human, he was trying to stab an animal that was sic'd on him by another human…. The cops were using the dog as a weapon, sending it into harm's way… But then want to kill a man for defending himself against an animal attack… Because it was the government's asset. The cops loved it and gave each other high fives in the locker room. Thanks for taking out the trash, but they shouldve shot his ass because he's trash…. NOT because he defended himself against a dog that was sent to bite him. Fuckin' bullshit…

  2. American police system doesn’t really make sense. Why send an animal that will not do much to help? It will bite the suspect, sure, great distraction, but it never stops them. It’s more like bait and an excuse to just straight up kill suspects because “my dog was in danger.” It will make more sense the way they use dogs and their sense of smell for drugs and stuff like that. This, it’s just free kills.

  3. If a person running from the k9 unit stopped running and turned around and leaned down wound the k9 dog latch on to the persons throat?

  4. Stop using dogs you was right there you can't take the moron down yourself you have like 10 dudes there but none of you can take him down maybe you need some hands on skills.

  5. Funny thing though…! If u Consider the Dog as an Equal Police Officer as U Do if the Suspect Hurts the Dog/Officer….. Then wHy Do U Send the Dog/Officer in First.?!?. It's Because U Know the Animal is Lesser then the Human…….! And yeS.., i Like Animals Better than Humans Too……… ha

  6. Seeing the general consensus flip in the comments to these is always hilarious. Most people have an issue with officers stepping into a cars danger zone and firing but not turning a dog loose on a guy they know is going to defend himself as a justification to shoot. Such small brains. lol

  7. If anyone or anything in this world is attacking you, and mauling you to death, you most certainly are allowed to defend yourself. It does not matter if you are under arrest. Thats like saying a cop can say you are under arrest and then start to bite and maul you to death, and you cannot defend yourself from the crazy lunatic.

  8. The suspect shouldn't of done that. It's fair game for the officers to protect the K9 Sorry I rather see the suspect go nite nite than the K9.💙🖤💙🐕🇺🇲

  9. They are unnecessarily endangering dogs. 
    These should be enough for human police officers to deal with. 
    The use of K-9 dogs to charge criminals should be abolished.

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