27 thoughts on “Suspicious – Multiple Cars on Fire Next to Apartment Building – Bellflower

  1. Los Angeles County fire department responded to a call of multiple cars on fire. The flames threatened an apartment complex. All residents of the complex were evacuated and the fires were extinguished quickly. One person was injured and transported to a local hospital. No word on the cause of the fire.

  2. It seems like some edgy 13 year old trying to be an arsonist. Whoever it was lit the front of the cars on fire. If they'd lit the back of the car on fire where the gas tank is, that's how you end up with those melted, burned out husks and that could have actually endangered the apartment complex.

  3. 1:48 Wtf is the reason for that dude digging into the headliner on the A pillar? And you don't need to slice through the top of an engine to open a hood! These firefighters are just malicious!

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