19 thoughts on “STOP treating this like a normal election!

  1. 1. Trump has never expressed any racism.
    2. Kelly shoot people in self-defence – nothing wrong with that.
    3. Every country has had Corona virus deaths and it have killed mostly among elderly who was going to die soon anyways – while the Vietnam war killed young men. And the states who have got hit the hardest by the Corona virus are blue states – which is hardly Trumps fault.
    4. The divisions in the country are entirely the fault of the extreme left. And I say this as a centrist.

  2. I can get this swill from MSNBC and 9000 other news sources with the same owners.

    I used to like Real News but it got TDS and I haven't been able to stomach it ever since. I guess it's past time to unsub.

  3. 2 realistic options here: (1) The Dems win and control all houses. They don't do anything meaningful for the people and lose the house and senate in 2022. They lose to someone as bad or worse than Trump in 2024. (2) Trump wins.

  4. Trump, Biden and the Corporate State are playing the American people like a fiddle.
    It's going to be bad for the masses with either of these tools at the helm.
    Time to wake up America! Time for a viable THIRD party. The Movement for a People's Party looks very promising… that's where I'm headed, and hoping we make it to 2024 in one piece.

  5. This man not one time spoke about Mandatory Vaccinations, the CDC said it was Only 9000 deaths last week, What story is True?
    There's more to the story that meets the eye: How can they say Trump will lose already? How can Nancy P. threaten the sitting President saying: Either way we're getting him #45 out the white house, really… Then Biden pick the worst person there is for blacks also Biden said: He will reinstate the 'Who', Mandatory Vaccinations and he don't like blacks so he chose someone that looks black as his running mate oh, don't forget it's the Dems, Soros, The CCP (China) and funding the riots… This man is making it known whose he voting for, but, every person needs to research for themselves and people need to keep it right there…
    Please people go research Truths and Vote in person and in public… Don't let this so called Plandemic keep you locked at home…

  6. I just can't figure out how people buy into the lies and bullshit the orange buffoon spews every single day.
    It's one thing for him to be douchebag he is, but that so many can possibly think he gives a shit about you is stunning. Bigly sad.

  7. This Black Man is correct all lives matter. Once you divide you are conquered. My only question is why does he divide black people? Without this question answered who would allow him to teach? Just watch the first 4 min over and over again…. like I did.

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