State Troopers Pursue Wrong-Way Driver on I-25 North of Las Vegas, New Mexico

[You may need to click the “CC” button to turn on English subtitles, which begin around 8:35. If you’re wondering why the trooper seems to be familiar with the motorist, listen to the dispatch recording from this call, which begins around 20:12.]

The footage in this video was captured on September 19, 2018 in the early evening in northern New Mexico, when 911 operators began receiving a flurry of calls reporting a wrong-way driver barreling down I-25 at full speed in the rain.

The Federal Highway Administration reports that in the United States, wrong-way driving (“WWD”) crashes result in 300 to 400 deaths each year on average, representing approximately 1 percent of the total number of traffic-related fatalities that occur annually. While this is a small percentage overall, because WWD crashes involve head-on or opposite direction sideswipe collisions at high (combined!) speeds, they tend to be much more severe than other types of crashes.

Although there are many strategies and engineering treatments in use that are designed to address WWD, at the end of the day when someone is spotted driving the wrong direction on a road we all rely on law enforcement officers to rapidly respond and remedy the situation, often at great danger to themselves. This video shows one such – somewhat bizarre – occasion.

A cool item of note: dash camera footage from the trucker who is heard in this video calling 911 is on YouTube! It can be found at

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40 thoughts on “State Troopers Pursue Wrong-Way Driver on I-25 North of Las Vegas, New Mexico

  1. Why does it take so long for him to understand and still argue. Wtf is going on here? Is he drunk? On drugs? Or just that stupid? How tf does he have a driver's license ?
    So lucky No one died because of his ignorance. Wow

  2. The wrong way drunk drivers are truly terrifying. I couldn’t imagine being that wasted that I would drive the wrong way. Almost any accident going head on at those speeds will involve fatalities. The stories of whole families being wiped out in an instant makes my blood boil.

  3. I get the impression that the one cop who spoke spanish knew this guy or knew the "business" he worked for. I'm guessing this cop is getting a little something on the side to make sure that vehicles from this "business" don't get checked. There's no excuse for that guy not getting a book full of citations and at lest a FST.

    To be clear: I'm saying the guy is a drug mule and the cop is on the take.

  4. It is shocking that they would treat this incident so lightly. He should have been arrested and taken off the road! I usually support law enforcement and the decisions they make, but this one is baffling.

  5. Why did they let him go? This is absolute bull 💩! He should have been at least given a ticket and a sobriety check. Did they even run his name to see if he is allowed to be driving? This is crap! He can’t read or speak English and is obviously not a driver. The yellow line was on the right side! This is absolute crap!! He almost pulled out in front of a vehicle when he turned around too! He didn’t pull over for the police car either. The driver has no idea where his boss is? But boss told him to get gas? Are they sure he didn’t steal someone else’s truck “on accident”? If it were me, I would’ve gotten at least one ticket. Pissed as hell!!!

  6. All these comments are spot on ALSO when he crossed the median he pulled back onto the interstate went over two lanes and immediately a car went by – so he pulled in front of a car and made it slow down – the guy is probably an illegal and does not know how to drive on interstates either. 16:55 thats why it sounds like the cop is saying fuc fuc one would think if he had pulled out in front of that car and their was a wreck everyone could have gotten sued cops probably would have said the car he pulled out in front failed to stop – failure to maintain control bs . THEN the truck is going 33 on the interstate then 46 that is illegal almost its 45 minimum and its raining this is crazy the guy even evaded arrest he would not pull over.

  7. THIS is why we need a wall!!! WTF! So many things wrong here, if that was anyone else they would’ve pulled their guns out when they finally got him to stop and he would be getting handcuffed and put in the back of the police car, then question this fool. This is such BS, lucky for that a-hole one of them spoke spanish.

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