44 thoughts on “Shawn Berry – Arrested for felony self defense. Daytona beach police

  1. Everyone should carry the pledge of office for police, remind them of the obligation they entered into.
    With all the honorable words that are in the oath of office, qualified immunity was not established to rip the beliefs of prosperity away.
    Justice for all. Is the path for;
    Deus benedicat America
    Sic semper tyrannis;
    (God bless America this aways to tyranny)

  2. The oath of a police officer in Florida is about the same as the oath for the constitution of America, WITH QUALIFIED IMMUNITY ANY AND ALL OATH ARE VOID. IN THE MIND OF THOSE THAT INBRACE TYRANNY JUSTICE IS SERVED, THE HELL WITH;
    ( Prosperity for all).
    Have you read the oath of office for Florida. As long as there is qualified immunity it's a waste of time to read it. We the people should give up, and INBRACE tyranny.
    Are you with me or against my stupid thoughts of embracing tyranny?

  3. They can only use force if it's completely necessary, I would believe if there is a physical threat to others, physical force would be appropriate. We must always resist unlawful use of force. If the facts come out that there was no law broken, accountability must always be done to the criminal activity and who did it.

  4. When there's even a chance of you or your friends being arrested, you don't talk to the cops or volunteer that you have evidence or make public the fact that you do have evidence, or even threaten complaints or claims… you get out of the situation and preserve the evidence.

  5. Sounds like another BS charge….like the charge of assaulting a police officer because his knuckles got bruised from punching you.

  6. Not a problem. A prosecutor will look at the evidence in the case and dismiss it. You know there's security video footage. With luck, the arrest will be blatantly illegal, and Mr. Berry will have a lucrative civil suit on his hands.

  7. It's a bass ackwards system, completely corrupt, and nonsensical. However, I've read many articles written by criminal defense lawyers with regard to the use of firearms in particular. Many of those articles stated that police are prone to accepting the word of the complainant and so advise that if you are the victim of an assault requiring the use of self-defense that you need to be the first to call 911 and go on record as the complainant. This appears to be true as we have seen time and again that police are incompetent and don't know how to conduct an investigation. Their goal is to simply make an arrest. There is an irrational perception that the first person to contact police must be the victim. I have no doubt that all video evidence of this bullsht will acquit Shawn, but I am left to wonder whether he'd have been arrested if he and his fellows with him at the time had made the first report of the security guard's assault and battery. I'm not suggesting here that anyone call upon other men to solve your problems, especially when the "other men" are brainless armed liars with badges, immunity, and can't understand the most basic laws. We as a responsible People MUST break free from the "police are your friends" and "police are there to settle disputes" mentality. I'm merely wondering if all three of the auditors had reported the crime first, would the security guard have been the one in cuffs. My guess is that the cops would have tried to sweep the whole thing under the rug, which bring us back full circle. No need for police. They'll only get it wrong anyway. I'm also guessing, since I haven't seen the actual footage, that the FEMATARDS called upon the "other men" the moment the auditors arrived. In any case, I'm sure Shawn will prevail and hopefully win a sizable settlement. 🙏

  8. Again, we push for freedom, and they shove us for control.
    I'm telling you all, we are coming closer and closer to war again for our freedoms.
    " Upon these grounds we have fought for freedom's rights, as our blood does reveal what has been bought. And when we fight once again, know that every American will certainly win freedom once again. " CJAyers ❤
    Thank James, much appreciation.
    America 🇺🇸

  9. The employee's most likely talked about this before hand, playing load music when auditors come in videotapeing them, that security guard assaulted Rogue Nation and the cops know that security guard assaulted Rogue Nation but didnt want him to press chargers, if they took his infromation they know Rogue Nation was assaulted and Geo witness it, and remember ALL COPS LIE TO US, they just wanted to press chargers on Shawn Berry to show us and tell us not to come in videotapeing in public building and the next Police Department will do the same thing. PLEASE PRESS CHARGERS ON THAT SECURITY GUARD AND DONT TAKE NO FOR A ANSWER FROM THE LYING COPS.

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