Sergeant grabs female cop by the throat – now relieved of duty, sunrise police


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As Chief of the Sunrise Police Department, I believe that it is vital to be transparent. I recently received multiple requests for the disclosure of a video that is part of an active and ongoing internal affairs investigation involving a Sunrise Police Department Sergeant. I conducted an interview with WSVN Channel 7 and felt that it was necessary to show the public the requested video.

As a result of the captured incident being a part of an active investigation, the audio from the video was muted and many faces were redacted to protect the integrity of the investigatory process.
The requested video depicts a sergeant who arrived on scene as officers were placing a verbally and physically resistive male suspect into the backseat of a patrol vehicle for transport to jail. The suspect had been placed under arrest for a violent felony. Once the suspect was inside the patrol vehicle, the sergeant approached and engaged in a verbal altercation with the suspect in a manner that I feel was inappropriate and unprofessional. This supervisor escalated the encounter instead of de-escalating an emotionally charged situation. It is our practice at the Sunrise Police Department to do everything we can to de- escalate tense incidents and bring calm to chaos.

While speaking to the suspect, the sergeant is seen holding his can of pepper spray. Although he did not deploy the spray, the sergeant’s actions unnecessarily elevated the demeanor of the suspect. A nearby officer who was concerned with things escalating further is seen moving into camera view and approaches the sergeant from behind. In accordance with our department policies and procedures that call for intervention when there is an imminent fear of engagements escalating unnecessarily, the officer is seen grabbing the sergeant by the back of his duty belt and pulling him backwards. The video then shows the sergeant turn around while back pedaling. The sergeant then momentarily places his hand at the throat of the officer while pushing the officer backwards. The movements of the sergeant and officer are stopped when the officer’s back comes into contact with a nearby police vehicle.

Upon hearing about this incident, I immediately relieved the sergeant of his supervisory responsibilities and ordered an internal affairs investigation. The sergeant has no contact or supervision over subordinate personnel. The investigation is active and ongoing. I assure the public that the investigation will be thorough and complete. The findings of the investigation will be available upon completion.
I am very proud of the officer involved in this incident and believe that the actions taken were definitive and demonstrative of good leadership during a tense situation. The men and women of the Sunrise Police Department are expected to de-escalate emotionally charged situations and intervene immediately if it appears that a fellow officer is losing control of themselves or displaying inappropriate conduct while engaged with the public. The actions of our officer involved in this incident are exemplary of the professionalism the personnel of the Sunrise Police Department regularly display while honorably serving the public in a profession that is all too often difficult and dangerous.

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46 thoughts on “Sergeant grabs female cop by the throat – now relieved of duty, sunrise police

  1. It's best for people to not be in the government…let the bastards show how bad they are…all cops are bad…those who wish to be good again leave so you ar not tanted by the sins of the government…

  2. Law enforcement true colors! Big fat bastard in uniform is a real man against hand cut little man and females, and all the other trash standing around just wanted it, cowards.

  3. Not a man among them none came to her defense none. That Sgt. Pointed the pepper spray at her did u see that then she moved his hand away. That chief trying ro save his job what a clown.

  4. Shame on the officers that stood by and watched that roid raging monster do something like that. She is what this country needs. Ppl like her are the reason I served in the military. To defend, not destroy

  5. Locked up? No we would not be locked up for doing that to him, we would be DEAD. It's nice to know there are a handful of good cops though.

  6. they put hands on everything else.. why wouldn't they put hands on their own? I'm sure that sgt regrets not shooting her in front of his blue line thugs

  7. Let's find out who she is, They should know this is what we support, she showed leadership… SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG WHEN A BUNCH OF SPINELESS JELLYFISH STANDING AROUND AND A WOMAN LEADING, THEIR MORAL GPS LOSS WIFI NO SERVICE …

  8. If I were that female Officer I would be raising hell to have that Sgt fired and prosecuted for assault or battery or whatever is appropriate when you grab someone by the throat.

  9. "a video that is part of an active and ongoing internal affairs investigation"
    of an incident that happened almost TWO MONTHS AGO. If the chief can't see the misconduct without 2 months of study something is wrong with him. We, at least me, already know that cops are above the law but to add insult to injury he attempts to gaslight us as he apparently has already done with his superiors most of whom already think that cops are above the law.
    Apparently if you verbally object to being arrested it is a crime.

  10. Stereotypical cop with a tattoo sleeve. When you see these asshats steer clear. They obviously are compensating for having insecurity issues. What they say goes or so they think.

  11. Honestly I'd like to find out who that officer is and do what I can to make sure she's taken care of. That takes a pair of brass ones to do what she did. She tried to do what was right in that instance

  12. You failed to mention ALL THE OTHER PIGS who just stood around and watched, they did NOTHING. Baldy should have been in cuffs IMMEDIATELY for that assault, yet not a SINGLE coward honored their oath. One bad apple ruins the ENTIRE bunch.

  13. that female cop needs a reward that sgt needs 5 yrs prison loss of pension and felon from now on he will get a slap on the pecker is all the lady cop will end up dead by suspicious circumstance that steroid junky will walk away i now nutthing

  14. He does this to a fellow cop and co worker? Imagine what he does to citizens on a daily basis? It’s time to dismantle police agencies and end this madness. Fuck the pigs

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