Senior Reporter Taya Graham shares her final thoughts of 2022

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Author: phillyfinest369


27 thoughts on “Senior Reporter Taya Graham shares her final thoughts of 2022

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  2. First of All….Let me tell you that I love your work…..We have stop living in a democracy since reagonomics was created. THIS GOVERNMENT IS A CORPOCRACY! The people are no longer on any agendas.. The lobbyists of big corporations control your elect. …Keep up the great work

  3. Taya my son has been here visiting me this week. He said he thinks you are beautiful. I told him about the show and the great work you do. It gave him a smile. His wife died in 2028, and he says you remind him of her.

  4. Taya , love your work and I been with ya since the get go in cop watching. But I think ya need to be real careful who u interview fir the movement. I just watched u interviewing Jeff. I was behind Jeff when he started but he’s got outta hand. I think a lil fame n a few $ have went to his head. I don’t agree with what he’s doing at private businesses. He’s tying up valuable resources. I understand to a point but it’s truly a chaotic mess nowadays. Jusmyopinion

  5. Why do you have 2 copies of “The Order of Things”? Btw. I think you are awesome. You are pretty but more importantly, you are wicked smart. That’s cool.

  6. Ms Graham you and your colleague have not truly represented the narrative of the Tyre Nichols story!!! His name was Tyre, not Tyrese as you kept stating it!!
    While reporting on the video of those officers brutalizing Mr Nichols, you both aldy kept referring to "….these 5 Black officers…" when actually I counted 6; one of which was a White officer…or at least he appeared and sounded to be of the White persuasion! Why is that ? I don't like when the race card is brought into EVERY circumstance of injustice in this Godforsaken country we hold so dear, but I do believe in calling a spade a spade. Was it that you two didn't see or hear that White cop in that group? I know you counted clearly 6 cops on that scene, so why are you cheering society on with that false narrative of 5 Black cops??

    Memphis Law Enforcement! Public Administrators!! What's going on? Did you not see that there were 6 cops, not just 5, and not just Black, on the scene brutalizing that citizen? Had he treated a dog or cat that way he'd be locked away for centuries! What's with this society when you just have NO REGARD for human life??? This is exactly why this country has been forsaken and given over to its demise!!! I need Benjamin Crump to really pay attention to the body cam and videos that recorded that ill-fated night for Nichols! There were 6 cops!!! Not just 5; one was White and he's NOT being mentioned in the accountability talks for the death of this young man!! WHY???

  7. Dearest Taya. First of all thank you ! I’m a Canadian living in Toronto…yes many of our police are corrupt and of course the whole system isn’t all bad but through experience surprisingly( we’ll perhaps not ) our system has some very serious problems with brutality, political use of police for an illegal agenda against legal freedoms guaranteed in our “ Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms “ . You may have heard of our resent “ Freedom Express “ where truckers were being forced to get a vaccine or NOT be allowed to work ! How their legal non violent protest was met by force and brutality! I have so much to share and will. I just wanted to thank you ! We need you here in Canada too ! Help !

  8. You and the entire TRNN crew are a God send. Do not stop doing what you’re doing. God has BIG PLANS for you young lady. God Bless you Taya. I’m subscribed, I rang the bell and you will get a thumbs up from me every time.

  9. My new yr. Is hoping to educate our world, and to b in the history books. I know how cops have violated my rights, cause they knew me and most from up in the hollers, in Bloody Harlan(hometown). Now I'm in Russell Springs, Ky. Since Jan. 31 2005, on hwy 119 on sukey Ridge. Blue Toyota, Dustin/Dusty T. Brown. It's been rough, but I want people to see, the drug life, isn't fun. The cops, just from how they done my friends and family. All the news on t.v. cops abuse, what we give them to protect all, to hurt our younger generation, legally. Thier families pockets, that's not helping!

  10. Pfizer vacx as fake as a crypto exchange peddling cbdc's…as for putyboy and his spec.op = crimes against humanity and a prelude to ww3…the bric & brac nations vs west/nato dragging those on the fence to choose sides and the winner is (drum roll)…w.e.f…evil does as evil wil…

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