35 thoughts on “SEATTLE POLICE – Man arrested after knife incident!

  1. I watch lots and lots of audits. America is overpoliced by around 50% . No need to defund anything , just get rid of the bad cops highlighted daily by auditors all over the country. Save you millions and millions of dollars every year in wages , pensions and law suits 🤔

  2. I lived in Seattle back in the days . After I divorced my wife , I left her . She needed money and wanted all the cars I have with other personal property , She was having sex with a King County Police officer in a cop car to get him to murder me . Its true , No lies . The FBI got him before he got to me . He was fired . He tried to get on Tacoma police but was rejected . The FBI called me to let me know .

  3. The homeless camps in seattle are partly because rent is up there with New yYork and San Francisco rent a room is like $800 a stuido apt is like $1400 $1600 I know people in the Seattle area that work and still can afford rent. I do know there is a fair amount of drug abuse BUT rent is a factor.

  4. I'm glad I watched to the end. I admittedly bash on bad cops but I always enjoy seeing an LEO that understands the job they are preforming and articulation of said profession. I hope we see more videos like this in the future if the bad ones would just go away or not speak with uneducated banter in their profession they should know and uphold.

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