Scott Ritter: Ukraine cannot win this war. It’s a ‘fantasy.’

Editor note: This interview was recorded Nov. 4, 2022

Former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter explains why a Russian victory is inevitable, and what it costs the West to refuse to accept this.

William Scott Ritter Jr. is an author and pundit, and a former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer and United Nations weapons inspector.

Dimitri Lascaris is a lawyer, journalist and activist from Montreal, Quebec. In 2020, Dimitri ran for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada.

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23 thoughts on “Scott Ritter: Ukraine cannot win this war. It’s a ‘fantasy.’

  1. The American, UK and indeed most European populations have no idea what these wars are about and that they are the ones creating them. I have told many people that Russia was forced into this war and they go mad at me saying Russia and Putin are evil. America caused a civil revolt in Ukraine to install a pro western government in Ukraine to expand Nato. That is what this war is about.

  2. I refer everybody who is watching this to a day better channel. Artur Rehi. His country is so close to Russia that no point in his country are you less than 5 hours drive away from being in Russia. He was a radio operator with his country's armed forces. I think by virtue of just simply being so close to the fire he has a vested interest in getting this one right. The most recent maps I've seen of his shows the ukrainians have done more than to go to foothold on the east side of the Dnieper River. That is a major obstacle are natural one at that keeping the ukrainians from advancing. It is now behind them and they are still pushing away from the foothold doing more than just a foothold

  3. Well, that aged as poorly as expected. Ideologues and partisans' prognostications have nothing to do with reality, everything to do with the world as they wish it to be. What a douche bag.

  4. Scotty loves war criminal Putin. Must be frustrating for Scotty to see Russia struggle throwing away lives….and nothing to show for it after almost two years

  5. Russia again invaded a neighboring country. After 2014 in 2022 again the Ukraine, in order to take over as large a part as possible and to install a president belonging to Putin.
    Over 11 million Ukrainians fled to western Ukraine and Europe in 2022, according to the UN Refugee Agency.
    Meanwhile, Russia's army destroyed over 2,000,000 apartments & houses and over 10,000 schools, daycare centers, hospitals, administrative buildings, etc in Ukraine!

  6. Proxy wars are not meant to be won. They are meant to be drug out as long as possible so that the military industrial complex can profit from the misery of others.

  7. Thank you Scot and your colleagues for helping me to sleep at night. I was in my 30s before the possibility of peace reached my nervous system. I will never get off tranquillisers but I have survived into my 70s. I would love to see and feel what even my father knew and saw. What we lost in 1945.

  8. "Russian military death toll in Ukraine rises to 289,430"

    "From February 24, 2022 to October 17, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 289,430 Russian military personnel, including 800 soldiers over the past day."
    – Ukrinform .. … ..

    6100+ corpses past 6 days along. Pile em up.

  9. Last night's RU bodycount: 800+ corpses
    Russian KIAs up 289.4k+, WIAs up 841.4k+, casualties total over 1,121,880
    . .. .
    There are now 11k corpses away from 300k RU corpses.
    Keep the mountains of corpses coming, UA….. Pile em up high.

  10. Last night's RU bodycount: 880+ corpses
    Russian KIAs up 287.7k+, WIAs up 841.4k+, casualties total over 1,121,880
    . . . ….. ..
    There are now 13k corpses away from 300k RU corpses.
    Keep the mountains of corpses coming, UA….. Pile em up high.

  11. The massacres continues.

    "Russian military death toll in Ukraine rises to about 287,770"

    "Russia has already lost about 287,770 troops in Ukraine (+880 over the past day)."
    – Ukrinform.. . . ….
    Over 4500+ RU corpses in the past 5 days alone. Keep em coming.

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