Sanders Wins New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders won a close contest in New Hampshire, and his supporters say this victory will help him secure the Democratic nomination and beat Trump in November.

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32 thoughts on “Sanders Wins New Hampshire

  1. It's good to see people voting for Amy K. It shows the people are moving away from the traditional candidates. Everyone needs to keep up the great work. I wish I could help but I'm in Nepal. I hope a lot of people are starting to crowd-fund for the convention.

  2. I like hearing at the end that two other candidates suspended their campaigns, for this'll help to diminish the " DIVIDE & CONQUER " tide. Too many candidates competing AGAINST each other means NO team spirit, and that's what's presently needed. . Even with Bernie's past errors, I only hope that he doesn't repeat them and wish for him for presidential election 2020! I,'d like to know, however what the heck has happened with Tulsi Gabbard.

  3. Corporate media doesn't want freedom of the press, they want to be able to control a narrative based on financial incentives. Sanders will advocate for freedom of the press which will get a lot of needed information to all sorts of people, no matter their affiliation.

  4. Can you honestly say Trump want's to send lots of troops to fight endless wars? No, he clearly doesn't. Sanders foreign policy won't be that much different than Trumps. Also he at least says he doesn't wanna cut social security. I would vote for Sanders over Trump don't get me wrong but you have to be honest about these things.

  5. Im still wondering if the OAS will intervene. Sanders won both states but is behind on delegates somehow. And he is leading despite the cheating in Iowa. I would like to see an OAS report on that one.

  6. Just a narrow NH win??- baloney they are stretching the broken trust in our elections as far as they dare, without sparking some sort of polling place sit ins.

  7. 30% is not a victory. How many delegates did you walk away with? It takes 1990 to win at the convention. In 2016 Bernie got 40 of the 771 super delegates. The establishment will do anything in its power to deny the progressive movement. Can Bernie learn from NH. I have my doubts he will stay on the same tired conventional campaigning like a preacher in a pulpit with the free give aways to the kids. I not against further education and making it more affordable but it's not free somebody will be footing the bill somewhere along the line. Solidarity at the top inviting ANDREW and Marianne and Cory the green party to be a part of the progressive movement administration. I dream of the day that all people on Earth can live with all needs meet in security, love and happiness and all nations can be at peace with one another. There is not a lack of human ingenuity or natural resources there is only a lack to follow through. Ultimately A world wide cultural shift of solidarity in the compassionate progressive movement for all humanity. Thinking outside the box, adding some pizzazz a little razzmatazz, razzle dazzle our world in brotherhood. Having several concerts/rallies through the universal language of music for "World Peace, Love, Hope and Change our Earth in Crisis". NO MORE Needless WAR!!!!!!!! How unifying globally this would be. UNITED together we all shall overcome hate injustice and inequality.

  8. It's shocking that a Democrat pushing forced redistribution of property and wealth won New Hampshire? Take it from a New England native. New Hampshire is essentially annexed land taken over by millennial transplants from the Boston suburbs. About 1 in 10 New Hampshire residents arent young Massholes from upper middle class Boston cliques. They all want to rob eachother with forced redistribution now because the land free for all was over more than a decade ago. The young Boston suburb Massholes who bought all of the land a decade ago are now gouging all of the incoming young Boston suburb populations for 30 times the price. New Hampshire is what happens when wealthy millennials from Boston feel oppressed by other wealthy millennials from Boston. They all have it in their heads that the land is still supposed to be cheap while still believing that the idealistic commune for entitled rich kids was ever anything real.

    New Hampshire blue collar natives are the only truly oppressed population because they got priced out of the whole real estate market to the point of having to pay high rents to the greedy progressive transplants. Their option was to move south (which most did) or drown in wealthy Masshole transplant politics while paying ever increasing rent with stagnant wages. The funny thing is that the blue collar citizens from the region aren't socialists because they all know that socialism is a rich man's game designed to create an absolutist two class caste system composed of sub human worker drones and privileged transplant masters who rule with unearned mommy money.

  9. Jaisal, you need 15 percent in a district or statewide to get any delegates. You said 10 percent, not a big difference, but Warren supporters should be under no illusion — if their candidate can't make the 15 percent threshold, she's not going to get any delegates and their votes will be, essentially, thrown away. Warren supporters who are really on board with Sanders' overall program, but liked Elizabeth for personal or identity reasons, now need to understand what the situation is, and act accordingly. The progressive platform that Bernie and Warren espoused needs your vote, and Warren seems poised to win few delegates going forward. Because of her questionable "Bernie said a woman can't win" attack, she is NOT a candidate who can ever unite the wings of the party, that ship sailed weeks ago.

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