Sacramento Police Shoot Unarmed Man Holding His iPhone In His Own Yard

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49 thoughts on “Sacramento Police Shoot Unarmed Man Holding His iPhone In His Own Yard

  1. My brothers best friend works at that station-the video footage was from
    another suspect on a different night… the cops used that footage to
    justify murder. If he was running from the cops, why would he stop at his grandmothers house and get on the phone?
    Wouldn't he had run into his grandmothers home??? If he was really
    evading the police? No. They killed the wrong guy. Period. Another black
    coverup, that's why they muted the sound. Obvious. He had been in the
    backyard the entire time and was startled by the cops. Plus, cops aren't
    suppose to shoot people who are running away… that's cold blooded

    Why are cops killing people for running? For property damage? Stephon wasn't
    breaking into car windows…. he always too a shortcut through his
    grandmothers backyard. He wasn't running he was standing and on the
    phone with his fiance'. The cops gave him 5 seconds to react before
    killing him. So, he should get the death penalty for breaking a window,
    which he didn't do. Why did they mute their mics for 7 minutes??? Cover
    up. I bet the video footage was someone else.

    Blacks get murdered by white cops for running, for stopping, for putting their hands in the
    air, for asking questions, for going to work, for walking home, for
    every non-violent activity. 90% blacks are unarmed.

    Yesterday, I saw a white guy shooting at cops… guess what, the white kid was taking
    alive. He was literally shooting at cops with a gun and they took him

  2. The investigation has to be independent, review the whole story and decide if the police shot with or without just cause and if the officers need to be charged. Then they should publish the results for everyone to see. I do not want to prejudge because there may be more to this case, so we should let the investigation run its course.

  3. Funny.  When you know the truth you can clearly see this was justified. This is another example of someone only putting forth the facts they want to put forth to justify their narrative.  Fake news!

  4. For those that DO NOT live in Sacramento DO NOT know what going on. Did you hear about him vandalizing property and running after the police tell him time and time again to stop he kept running. He deserved to die. Like CTHAGOD says people have to die in order for us to live. Take notes and don’t run from the police. Sorry not sorry. We was running and REACHING for his pocket. He didn’t have the phone in his hand. I’m from Sac. None of y’all that are from any other city or any other state know what’s going on. He was shot 8 times. Total of 20 shots. Foh.

  5. If you have a bag of grapes in your hand and you're black cops see a gun,,, if you have a can of pepsi in your hand and you're black cops see a gun, if you have burger in your hand that grandma just made and you're black cops see a gun

  6. A son, brother, father and a convicted criminal. Although Clark’s family has waxed eloquent about what a great guy Clark was, and that he was “turning his life around,” the facts about the African American unarmed man shot and killed by Sacramento Police on March 18, 2018 do not paint such a rosy picture. A criminal since his teen years, the 22 year old had a juvenile record of grand theft, robbery and receiving stolen property. As an adult, Clark pled guilty to felony armed robbery, assault, and child endangering in one case, and “pimping” a prostitute in another case for which he pled no contest. In a third adult case, Clark was arrested for domestic violence for punching a woman in the face, and in yet another case from this year, Clark was again arrested for domestic violence. Why do people make a hero out of someone who has assaulted women? Before being shot he was allegedly breaking car windows and when spotted by a police helicopter the cops witnessed him breaking the sliding glass doors to a house. Police on the ground were directed to Clark’s location, and chased him on foot to the back yard of his grandmother’s house where he failed to drop something in his hand (it turned out to be a cellphone) and was shot to death. While it is true that a person should not receive a death penalty for breaking car windows, breaking a glass door to a house, and running from police, the fact is that if Clark was not breaking the law in these ways and had stopped when the police first told him to, he would not have been shot. Being a career criminal and committing crimes other than murder or attempted murder is not a good reason to die, but Clark had a huge role in the outcome of this sad and undeniably tragic incident.

  7. That article I just posted is so very much talking about idiots like Charlemagne the idiot… Basically it says that those guys can't hold a candle to people who protested for rights back in the days when we really did have problems. Today is just a racket for YouTube likes and advertising dollars. Get a real job and stop perpetuating this nonsense that black people are oppressed in 2018

  8. My condolences to the family but if he ran into that house or his grandma's house is grandma probably would have been shot as well or a child there's plenty of stories where Cops have entered into properties and just shoot all over the place without using their training the knowledge of who's in the property from when the boy got caught by the officer he was dead anyway and that's what we need to fight for is that when an officer catches someone who's done a minor offence is there life over or are they any use a taser and watching the video of that event it look like it was so dark I'm not understanding how they saw him even move his arm just look like they was shooting all over the place

  9. As a black man in sweden i'm glad that i don't have to fear our police, yet sad that my brothers and sisters over in america need to fear for their lives when stopped by the police!!!!!

  10. I mean just don’t run when a cop with a gun tells you not to. Especially if you’re innocent..I don’t get the logic like you see black man after black man get shit then think it’s a good idea to break the law and run. And btw, this year in America 121 white ppl have been killed by police compared to 58 blacks..I’m no mathematician buttt this selective outrage is sad. When will y’all learn?

  11. Well in that neighborhood that these officers are trying to protect people I guarantee you they see their fair share of black men with guns when they see a man running at them and that's what he was doing he was coming towards them as they were saying get down on the ground it only takes a split second for a potential bullet to come their way you cannot tell me that these cops are going out there going I'm going to kill me a black guy today that is just ridiculous

  12. That s*** just made no sense what you just said at all you have no idea what you can tell these people he was fearing for his life cuz the cops were coming are you kidding me how about if you're breaking in the cars like I said you're something you can tell him to do don't run from the police you're really going to sit here and tell me that young black men when they get stopped by the police but the first thing that comes to their mind is to run because they're scared what you should be telling them is for the love of God deep down if you know you were just breaking in the car windows and he looking for you and you know these cops ain't playing with their life because let's face it in those types of neighborhoods I guarantee you you can't even imagine how many calls they go on in one day and in that split-second a guy coming at them they're supposed to show restraint and not protect their self after what they see day in and day out I don't think so he should have got on the ground he should have said I just got to phone you he should have been breaking in the car windows

  13. Donkey of the Day You Said rest in peace he was the donkey breaking into cars he was the donkey that decided to run from the police he's the donkey who had a phone in his hand Pitch Black outside coming towards the police with their flashlights not showing no signs of getting down you don't know the half of what they see do and deal with on a daily basis and for you to sit there and watch that video and think them cops or the Donkey you and the rest of them to talk this nonsense I'm really not trying to get to the bottom of it and try to help your people out and really tell them when they're being donkeys breaking into people s***selling drugs or whatever it is they're doing and really start telling them when they decide to be that donkey and a cop comes and tells them to stop freeze show me your hands how about you take the platform you got and start telling your people please for the love of God put your hands up Get on the ground make sure they can see your hands and then we'll see if there's a video that comes out but then getting shot I highly doubt it don't give that you make me laugh

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