Roadcam #1: Semi-Tractor Trailer Rollover Wreck

Earlier today I published the eighth installment of Real World Police: Roadcam, a three-week-old series that is one of the rewards for supporters on Patreon. (Along with other exclusive and early-access content, and more.) Put simply, Roadcam is one of the ways I try to say thank you to the channel’s generous backers.

About an hour after I published today’s installment I received a message from a new supporter. She wrote “I have to tell you. I love the Roadcam videos. I actually just rapid fire binged watched them all and want the next one already! I wanted to let you know, though, that when I joined on Patreon I had no idea what these videos even were. IMO, you should occasionally show a video or two publicly on the channel so people can see them. I for sure would have signed up sooner had I known!”

I’m all for it! It’s really something I should have done weeks ago. So, better late than never: here is Roadcam #1. Tomorrow morning I will share another. Enjoy!

~Background Info~

The scoop on how this series came to exist:

In this channel’s never-ending pursuit of the absolute best police videos, I often come across footage such as you see in this video — typically held by the police department that investigated the incident or accident, although sometimes acquired through other avenues.

A couple of months ago I shared a similar video with Patreon supporters and asked whether they thought the video belonged on Real World Police. Their unanimous and likely-correct answer was “no.” At least not without context sufficient to show the video’s nexus with the channel’s purpose.

But one of the messages I got alongside that was something like: “But… y’know… uhhh… we wouldn’t mind seeing it here!”

And thus Real World Police: Roadcam was born. This is Roadcam #1.


Found a link to this video and want to see more? You can make that happen! This series of videos is one of the many rewards for Real World Police supporters on Patreon. Join in! All the cool people are doing it!

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43 thoughts on “Roadcam #1: Semi-Tractor Trailer Rollover Wreck

  1. I bet overheard signs for a few miles warned traffic that the right lanes were closed. Driver should have known and gotten over sooner when he was able but people drive like complete idiots over that bridge. Completely stupid on the trucker's part.

  2. If you notice that the semi went over right in front of the bridge worker, he was in the left lane closed truck just behind the sign. People probably didn't stop to help because they seen that a worker was there to help him. Sometimes your help can do more harm then good in situations like this. Plus, there was a good chance the trucker survived because the truck turned over on the passenger side.

  3. why do they not have cones blocking that second lane? Plus that driver had no warning going around the curve. I see no fault of the driver at all. As for the people just driving by (especially the first few cars) I hope those drivers die a painful death.

  4. WOW! 1 person, only 1 damn person stopped to help the person. WTF is wrong with you people? You wonder why we have the mass shootings we have these days. Nobody cares about anyone but there self anymore. Smh!

  5. Yeah this is the construction crews fault. There is really no doubt about it. They should'nt have closed two lanes around a short bend like that. Looks like they parked their arrow truck one lane over from where it belongs.

  6. I used to Drive over & back. And between the dickhead Truck Driver's, as you can see either He Did See him or the first truck did it himself. But it's the construction company's fault mainly. I would drive back and no bullshit you would see out of the blue the orange cones and slam on my brake. They literally had 3 lanes merge into a lane that other truck & cars use to merge to get on 87south. They're morons. The whole other side is done and we're still waiting for it to open.

  7. This is exactly why u don't ride side by side on the interstate. You need a way out if u have an emergency. U also don't pass on the right.
    Looked like he was passing on the right then it was too late.

  8. Why are people bitching about the cars who kept driving when the wreck first happened???

    It’s a highway. You really want to be getting out of your car with cars blowing by you going 85 mph. I’ve heard of to many “passerby’s that stop to help” that get run over and killed in situations exactly like that.

    Imagine if the driver of the truck ended up surviving BUT your loved one “stopped to help” and ended up getting hit by a car going 85 and dies.

    Tell me the justice of that ?

  9. Now the semi driver that rolled is at fault for trying to pass other vehicles as lanes are merging, but WTF are those road crews doing? You park the trucks on the inside (safe side) of the cones…not in the active lane.

  10. What a sad world a man lays dying in his truck and people just keep on driving the first 2 cars should of got out right there and left there cars to block the road so more people help it could just be the difference between life or death for that man, he could of just been stuck and needed a hand out but no they leave him stuck what if it catches fire like ffs how do these people sleep at night and the other truck driver is a disgusting pig he also just drove off knowing the truck had crashed

  11. First car Dude that truck just rolled shit man we late for dinner lets go
    Second car oh shit that suck moving on
    Third car oh damn I'm should we call someone no pretty sure there ok .
    Good God really what happen to having some balls and care for your fellow man good deeds do find they way around help other out of spite and good might come out of spite for you aka the golden rule that has unfortunately been forgotten

  12. Driver needs to file a lawsuit and if they don't want to settle which is clearly to me 80% RoadCrews fault, (And I don't even drive Semis) ask for a jury trial… I'll bet they will be willing to settle then…

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