Report: Maryland’s Governor Used Tax Dollars to Enrich Himself

Eric Cortellessa and Lisa Snowden discuss new allegations that Larry Hogan siphoned money from public transit projects to build highways that benefited his real estate companies.

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Will Arenas
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44 thoughts on “Report: Maryland’s Governor Used Tax Dollars to Enrich Himself

  1. The corporate Democrats helped get Hogan reelected. They chose to support him over the progressive Democratic nominee, Ben Jealous. In many cases, Democrats would rather lose to a Republican than win with a progressive.

  2. As a Marylander and an a registered Independent, am not surprised the Democratic Party sees little difference between the Parties. Whether State or Federal, Corporate Dems uses Republicans as a scapegoat. Here in MD. the Republican governors have historically functioned as a faux opponent. All while behind the scenes they join hands to increase corporate power and their own personal holdings.

  3. Excellent interview/discussion, even if I'm not sure to have fully understood everything Eric said. F.e., he spoke of Hogan making use of a " trust " to protect I guess some of what he was doing, like to keep it secreted, or something like that. I've heard or read of trusts in the past but it always was very brief, so without a detailed explanation, and I never looked up what a trust exactly is. So, just checked Wikipedia, which produces a disambiguation page for links for more than several types of trusts. One is a " land trust ", so I'm guessing that this is what Eric was talking about, but maybe it's one of the other trusts in the disamiguation page. I'm thinking it's " land trust " given that Eric spoke enough about Hogan's use of land.

  4. There was a Black female mayor or governor or something recently that got strung up and was disgraced from office behind her children's book deal or something like that. I think the amount of money involved was either 40-50G to100G. She's accused to using her office for the deal or deals. Not defending her but compare her situation to THIS GUY. AND the taking away from the area that needed that project/money the most. Americas Favorite Governor indeed..!!!!

  5. a game for these mfers 2 c who can fuck over the black community n get away untouched with tax payers money n even the white press is n on it giving cover 2 these racist crooks then pretending they r being fair n balanced there is no hope 4 justice with these white supremacist runnung n gaming the system that crook should have gotten same f not more coverage then puogh or how ever name spelled but we c that wont ever happen with racist press who will b 1st to tell u they have a black friend this is crazy itz nuts n at n of day king said itz not hurtful words of enemy but complete silence of so called friends that hurt most so where r these so called good white folks at ? where r their voices ? i kno itz same place it was when blacks getting shoot down n back unarmed n never heard from them then so certainly where money is we wont hear from them now what a shame ppl can b that racist n not even have a clue or pretend 2 not have a clue n their silence is robbing n killing us n enuf is enuf we see things changing everyday by what i believe n kno is the hand of THE MOST HIGH GOD YAHUAH n just as no consideration or mercy given then none is 2 b expected n the time comes when things wont always b this way n c how those who do what they do feel having it done back 2 them n i believe that will happen also bcuz bible says double unto her what she has done unto u how sad we r at this point n have always been so only times being when worst never better n side note obama really hurt not just dids not do anythg 4 blacks but actively hurt blacks with his bullshit n cooning so ppl never again f they dont have a black agenda our black agenda then no vote period

  6. Can you imagine how much better the working class lives would be if the police and AG's actually did their jobs and enforced the laws. The rich (usually white) people are stealling from us. Instead they lock up (and use as slave labour, usually black) the highest number of prisoners IN THE WORLD for petty crimes. This is the wealthiest country in the world – where the hell is all the money going? There HAS TO BE theft on a massive scale to explain all of the money that is missing. For example there are some states that are literally PAYING OIL COMPANIES to take our oil when 20 years ago the states would make HALF of their budget from the royalties on oil. None of this could be happening if the MSM was not bought and paid for. Thank God for the internet and shows like this.Please anyone who can try to donate, the "establishment" is desperate to throttle this platform and are getting more and more laws passed to keep certain voices off the internet. God Bless and good luck to everyone fighting the good fight.

  7. Don't tell me let me guess. He wants to get tough on crime. He told you he stands for law and order. Right? I use a simple formula. If a politician tells me he want to get tough on crime he is usually a crook.

  8. Yeah, right…. Sure, keep believing that. That REPUBLICAN talking point has been out there since I was 11 years old, in the 7th grade, in 1979. Yeah, the first time I heard it was from a 13 year old, who's father was a Reagan delegate. That is BS. It's up to the citizens to change the system and that's not coming from ANYONE on the Republican Party. Why is it, with every Republican Presidential Administration since Eisenhower, 20-50 people per Republican rule, ends up in jail and that doesn't happen with Democrats? ,Even when it's a Republican House and Senate, why is that? Hmmmm.. Yeah, right, no difference….. Moron.

  9. This is identical to how the Trumpf family started their empire!
    Friedrich Trumpf used this Model and taught Fred & Donald Trumpf < >Trump to Donate to Elected Officials
    Donate to Police
    Donate to important institutions to have access to these people and agencies.
    The trump family have always made sure of Government Contracts , Land Development contracts.
    They would Value properties for Loans
    Devalue Assets for Tax purposes to Not Pay TAXES
    This model is being used by many Republicans in the trump regime.
    Mitch McConnell has Diverted many Government Contracts to his home state and to his wife’s Company
    With so many Iron’s in the fire how could donald have control over so many people?
    He can’t!!
    Those who are complicit with this Massive Fraud Against the American People’s should get out now!
    Every person that have been Convicted of Felony Crimes and serving Time in the wake of donald trumpf’s election is just a taste of the people who will be behind Bar’s after donald trumpf is either removed or is out of office!

    Good luck billy boy barr!
    This Sham administration is about to Blow Up in your Face

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