37 thoughts on “re-upload – Logan Police full video, Chief Illegally detains me

  1. James my name is Terry I have been following you a long time, I first saw you at the border check point when they keep you for a HOUR or so, I couldn't believe what they were doing and you did not cross the border . I had seen NEWS NOW HOUSTON DO THE SAM EXCEPT HE WAS WALKING , IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I EVER HAD THE INTERNET .. I JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE EXERCISING THEIR RIGHTS AND TEACHING THESE THUGS YOU HAVE A GIFT TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS WITH ALL THE RIGHT WORDS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY…STAY SAFE

  2. It would be awesome if officers and departments were like oh snap, we were wrong right there. Sadly they won't; I think bc it would help a potential lawsuit. Even in this video, if you had a stupid expensive lawyer in your pocket, you could get thousands from an illegal detainment, without them saying we were wrong and admitting fault.

  3. James..he’s so mad..i hope you to back there. ..call it intuition but he just shows face…that man just looks like he’s hiding something …I know proved guilty but I seen it he’s hiding something

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