Raven-Symoné Slams JAY Z, Diddy, T.I.In Shady Instagram Post

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Author: phillyfinest369


50 thoughts on “Raven-Symoné Slams JAY Z, Diddy, T.I.In Shady Instagram Post

  1. This has nothing to do with Evolution or their growth.

    They pimped and used the black community for their self benefit and now most of them live nowhere near the black community.

    They're living the good life by hustling the people that look like them that's what this is about.

  2. Tbh, compared to this druggie culture going on in rap now, the 90s wasn't even that bad cause atleast they were talking about their real life experiences and not just saying shit for clout like they do now 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. When Raven roasts black people by stereotyping people and then talks about Black History on DISNEY, and then says I’m glad to be Black, so you just forget that you just roasted your OWN people, C’MON MAN!!!

  4. She’s 100% right. They’ve “changed” their ways but they’ll make record labels and have their new artists push the same agenda they was pushing. They never speak out against all the wrong they’ve done, they make excuses for it and encourage their new artists to do the same….let’s be real here

  5. People in the comments talking about these rappers have donated to the community.

    For starters…if i set a house on fire but then offer everybody inside a ice cube have I solved the problem I helped create?

    Also…when they do something big for the community like Akon did for his…let me know.

  6. If you're familiar with the law of attraction… you understand how detrimental our music is and why we as a people can't get ahead.

    If you understand the power of music period (and the reason kids learn their ABC's so easy with a song) you know nothing will change in black America until we change the station and put something more positive on.

    Raven reposted the truth. Our music had made it common to attack women soooo…that's why she got attacked for it and the men that posted it before her barely get an honorable mention.

    Gotta love our musically orchestrated hate black women culture huh?

  7. Money is the new drugs but it's always been drugs in money so she has a point but i guess you do to but not really if they still talking about the same thing and that's all they have to talk about

  8. I still love Raven , but she's not how she used to be. It seems like after the view she started making stupid statements and shaming the black community as if she is ashamed to be black. That is extremely stupid and disrespectful of her to do such a thing , let alone the women who came before her Maya Angelo, Harriet Tubman, Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Parks , Who paved the way for her it's a slap in their face to say she's not African American

  9. One who fills the room with hot air about others, is dissipating heat from within their own life.
    guy who digs on your shoes? You know instantly: he musta just got his ass a nice pair, finally. Chick who makes fun of other ladies for their hair and nails? You know it's only because she just figured it out last week.
    People will 'tell' everything about themselves, if you just think a little about what they're really saying.

  10. But its true … why do blacks ignore the fact that hiphop has influenced stereotypical behavior , corruption of our youth and disrespect of our women. Im not pointing the finger at any of them but its definitely something behind all of this misleading blacks

  11. People knock rap artists and their music; but never knock writers and directors of movies that contain murder, rape, and all manner of wrong doing.

    Y'all foolish and blinded by hate born from racial oppression.

  12. I agree with Raven, awesome post. You know she ain't talking about those nonknow people. All those fukers are agents obviously. Fuking up the culture. Don't fuggin deny that shyt Leonard. You know music shapes the youth and these guys fugged us up. Don't act like these fools aren't the same as they have always been. Selfish!!!!!

  13. She’s a lesbians, enough said. She need to repent before she can righteously judge. There’s a difference between righteous judgment and judgment. A lesbians pointing out other people sins. Wow

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