Port Orange DIDN’T Pursue this fleeing vehicle NOT A PURSUIT


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Author: rafael.nieves


25 thoughts on “Port Orange DIDN’T Pursue this fleeing vehicle NOT A PURSUIT

  1. Favor to ask, could you explain why they had no authority to pursue? Genuine question.
    If they “accuse her” of making an illegal u-turn then they can attempt a stop, right? Then, if she doesn’t stop for the red and blues, they then consider that a pursuit? No?

  2. She seemed to be suffering acute paranoia from being followed believing her followers were there to torture her and she didn’t want to experience it. She was a free being that didn’t want to be captured & tortured.

    “Fly away butterfly” 😔

  3. Wait a minute..let me try to understand this…A woman called 911 for help in fear she thought someone was following her…She then became the hunt prey by the police?!!..

  4. The Thin Blue Lie and cover up has begun. LEO'S are going to eventually bring this country to complete civil unrest if they don't de-escalate themselves.
    That are held with little or no accountability. What you have described and what really took place will be spun on such a way so the cops can get away with murder. I watched the video 4 times. An academy award winning writer couldn't write this horror story. The lack of humanity from these cops. This is an all time low from all the police accountability videos I have ever seen.

  5. I’m curious to know more about the victim and if she was suffering from more than basic fear of being followed. Taking her own life was definitely a drastic final measure. I feel for her and her family. 😢

  6. Wholly shit. SMH. That Sargent should be charge with negligence. Their non-pursuit exacerbated her mental state causing her to take her life. A Signal 20 that left a consensual contact, possibly had 3 minor, moving violations. This non-pursuit closed half of I-95, involved multiple law enforcement agencies in multiple countries and jurisdictions, including EMS. I'm guessing it was a slow night in Port Orange. WTF!!!

  7. So disappointed. I hope they ask the question "Did I make a difference today?" For the rest of their lives they will forever have the emptiness of not being able to copsplain how much easier it would have been if she had just stopped.

  8. I got a question for free people every where. My Grandmother used to say you can watch a thief, but you can't trust a liar! Now my question is which would you want around you a convict who paid for his crime, or a Police officer? Hard to choose right!

  9. Road policing

    Police pursuits

    A police driver is deemed to be in pursuit when a driver/motorcyclist indicates by their actions or continuance of their manner of driving/riding that:

    they have no intention of stopping for the police, and the police driver believes that the driver of the subject vehicle is aware of the requirement to stop and decides to continue behind the subject vehicle with a view to either reporting its progress or stopping it.

    When a situation falls within the definition of a pursuit, officers need to decide whether a pursuit is justified, proportionate and conforms to the principle of least intrusion. Pursuits may be spontaneous or part of pre-planned operations.

    It's what we have in the UK, I just think your cops don't worry about the last paragraph.

  10. Did You Know About "The Blue Line" Police/Cop Organization:
    That blue line was stolen by Cops from Canada 🍁 Mounties, and because of US blue line Cop gang Canada has outlawed putting their blue line symbol on their uniforms. Basically Cops are thieves and ruin good things for others around the world!

  11. The Cops are hired to enforce laws not to make money & policies to control the free thinking citizens. Cops are told to not help citizens only to conform the people, and they will go as far as using violence, confining, And imprisonment to conform the citizens to think & obey the way they want them too. They don't care for the people, nor their rights!

    This fight we fight for our rights & freedoms may not be a short one, but we will endure. And, as it was said before is the same needed today!

    "Today, we need a nation of Minutemen Citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms but Citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom."

    "The cost of freedom has always been high, but Americans have always paid it. The path we will never take is one of surrender or submission of our freedom."

    "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

    These quotes were By (John F. Kennedy). He was our President & One of our greatest leaders!

    He saw these infringements of citizen's rights during his time. He and his brother Robert were ahead of their time and killed for it. People we need to fight for our "Rights & Freedoms" now more than ever, and the best way to do it is through the objective lens of a camera. We all mostly carry smart phones. Use them to make truthful factual videos of our Government at work & Police doing their duties, or not doing their jobs. You don't have to confront anyone, but send those videos on to those that can make use of them. Freedom Auditors on social media will use those to inform citizens of what they are doing by posting them to their social media outlets for the public to see.
    Please people do your civic duty to our country and protect everyone's Rights & the Constitution that was given to us all by our forefathers who created this great country & way of life we enjoy today.
    God Bless America, Land Of The Free! May she stand tall for life, liberty, and the pursuit of freedom!

  12. The problem with Cops lying is that it's ease to do, and the legal system condones it. It's like a disease "Bad Cop Syndrome". where there are no checks & balances. one Bad Cop like a wild fire it spreads within the department With Qualified Immunities they basically can't be held responsible for lying directly under oath, on reports, in court on the stand, and to Judges.
    Now the problem is not that Police lie during a investigations & interrogation questioning. The real problem is the Bad Cops feel that they can lie on reports, and in court on the stand giving testimony. Those Bad Cops think it is OK to do, so in their every day lives, duty's. –"Cops will not tell the truth if a lie will suffice"– They need to be held accountable in their duties. They need to be charged, and fired for falsified records & lying in coarse of their duties in court.

    My grandmother had two saying I stand by to this day.

    A) "You can watch a thief, but you can't trust a liar."

    B) "Be leave non of what you hear, and half of what you see when dealing with Police & Government."

    The one thing you need to remember is Police/Cops are not your friends! Do not talk to Police/Cops without a lawyer present invoke the 5th amendment, your rights!, Than do not answer any questions, and keep your mouth shout. Police & lawyers will tell you that you can never talk your way out of a charge or tickets, but you can talk yourself into additional charges.

  13. On another Cop traffic stop a man rolled through a stop sign. The Cops {3 of them} pulled the man out of his car. He didn't fight them which they lied about. They put him on the ground, and he didn't fight them. But he was incoherent, and didn't put his hands behind his back. The 2 Cops deployed their tasers, and shock him 53 times over a 9 minutes, and most of the shocks were from both Cops at the same time. Than he was put in a choke hold 4th Cop till he passes out. The man died in front of them all, and they didn't do anything to help the man. They didn't even try to use CPR on him for a full 3 minutes {a person can only survive for 5 minutes without air if lucky}. The man was going into a diabetic shock, and that is why he didn't comprehended putting his hands behind his back. The whole time he was being shocked he pleaded for his life, and prayed to God for help! The 2 Cops were fired & charged with Murder #2 a year later. Police had all body, vehicles footage showing them guilty beyond any doubt. How long does it take to do an investigation.

    It's a simple idea. Policy kept them on the payroll to save money for their defense, because there union will not defend a clearly guilty Cop! This happens a lot!

    I have seen over dozens, or more of these on YouTube alone. All these Cops were fired, and charged. These were Cops from all over the country. What does that say about our police in our country? Are we not screening police we hire, or does it mean we are not training them properly or something else? What is the answer, we must find the cause now before more citizens & police are killed, or a civil war between police & citizens comes to be.

  14. I do hope you all understand what happened here. A woman believed she was being followed. She ran several red intersections and fled at normal speeds. NOW she truly is being followed by cops on ground and in air. The tires fail and the call concludes with a self inflicted GSW. She took her own life.

  15. Sorry for her, but this type of police action has been going on for decades. When they have a run in with someone police escalate the interaction, The use to have negotiators to talk someone down, but seems like no more. Police lately have gown over fences into citizen's back yards, and kill someone they were not even looking for there. Police have gown into homes without any warren. Pulled a autistic adult from the beat him slammed him to the ground. His father came home and couldn't believe. He asked for the warrant, and police had no rights to enter, nor detain his son. Police just packed up and left! The Cops don't have disdain for the general public, not to forget the minority's too. These Cops that kill are thrill killers, because they just have to say ("I didn't know, I made a mistake"), and than they have immunity from what they did! They will do it in front of cameras, hundreds of people to, and claim immunity. Just like George Floyd case of murder!

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