Police Search Ty Dolla $ign’s Mercedes Van; K9 Can’t Stop Barking [Full Video]

On September 5, 2018 Tyrone William Griffin Jr., better known as rapper and singer Ty Dolla $ign, was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia after an officer on foot patrol walked by his tour van in and smelled an overwhelming odor of weed.

The officer, Che Milton, called a police K9 unit to confirm, and – following an astonishingly strong hit on Mr. Dolla $ign’s property – officers subsequently located 18.2 grams of marijuana, a small quantity of cocaine, and thousands of dollars in cash.

Problematic for responding officers, however, was the fact that none of the seven occupants of the van were willing to claim the drugs as their own. And so, Officer Milton – apparently in an arresty mood relative to his colleagues – rounded up all seven van occupants and brought them in.

In the immediate wake of Mr. $ign’s arrest Atlanta Police Department released ten minutes of video from the primary officer’s body worn camera, not revealing that they had withheld a full hour of footage from that video alone. This video, one of many in a series documenting the arrest of Mr. Dolla $ign, shows the search in full for the first time anywhere.

Coming up next: the incredibly sketchy recent-history of Ty Dolla $ign’s security guard. And why you might not want him protecting anything.

[Hint: He is the Jefrey Scott Schultz.of Los Angeles.]


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50 thoughts on “Police Search Ty Dolla $ign’s Mercedes Van; K9 Can’t Stop Barking [Full Video]

  1. at what point did he see ty all the way in the back? at 12:58 he is in the middle. did he see him in the back through the window? because they're very tinted. 34:33 he states he doesn't know who was sitting in the back after everyone has gotten out of the van. Four minutes later he changes his story.

  2. One thing is for sure you would never , ever , ever , ever see any damn civilian worker black owned business owner working with tha police in Los Angeles CA . like in Atlanta, …. The dude at the end that wasn't a pig was working at that restaurant and helping the cops, in Los Angeles he would ve been buried. AND Albq NM too…. We don't play that shit either…..

  3. 'The dog couldn't stop barking, there was just so many mountains of weed!' Yeah, OR, the dog couldn't stop barking because he's shit that wasn't trained properly. OR, he was barking like crazy because there were 3 dead cocaine mules buried in 20 pounds of meth in the trunk of the white car that the dog was lunging toward while he was barking…

  4. Thug ass cops…talking like street dudes…why are they constantly saying they arrested " Ty Dolla $ign" to every damn body like it's a trophy…That ain't his damn name….be professional and call him by his name

  5. When dudes are cops but still try n thug like it's a good mix! They put him on the street beat cus they know he can bait tough guys into street arguments then use cuffs and ordinances for offensive weapons…And hope they can go far enough to use their "defensive " weapons ! Sorry shit for sure!

  6. Oh thats the icing on the cake two cop cars and a fucking canine and he want additional units are you fucking kidding me for a lil bit of weed and a lil bit of possible cocaine..wow! Talk about over policed totally ridiculous man!

  7. This is the kind of bullshit search thats going away when weed goes legal. And the bullshit excuse of we smell weed so we can not just pat you down but fucking basically violate your rights! This is the kind of over policing thats got to go away. The way they rifled through that dudes extremely expensive camera equipment was fucking bullshit just like this whole fucking search is.

  8. Judging by the Police response/presence you'd think they were arresting John Gotti or Pablo. The need for multiple back ups on scene is not needed one bit. Got some weirdo sergeant feeling everyone up with his knee? Pervert! Would have been great if one of them sat down and started rubbing his knee like a pervert back. Tell him how horny his knee is making him! Oh my officer, do you want to beat my nightstick too. That would have been awesome!

  9. That black cop police officer trying to make a name of him self and be a hero .. going after the money he found .. And end up with their weed and their lunch they ordered.. thumbs down for this fool cop 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  10. The cops have to know when to let shit go. If they are in a limousine having a good time, let it go, and that goes for anybody, wait to you catch them in their car are something. Over a smell of weed.

  11. Ty wasn’t even all the way in the back. You can obviously see that. It was two people behind ty. The white photograph and the Lil black dude. The be capping just to lock our wealthy black entertainers up. Mad cause they making more money in a day than they do in a whole year. The cop that stopped them is a fuk boi. I’ll never go to Atlanta.

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