Police Officers Save OSU Student From Top of Parking Garage

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Stillwater, Oklahoma — On Monday, March 15, 2021, at 5:25 p.m., Stillwater Police Officers Kurt Merrill and Damian Neiswanger were dispatched to the 5th level of the parking garage at 251 West Miller. The officers responded to a report of a male sitting on top of a concrete pillar of parking lot railing. When officers arrived, they located a white male, later identified as a 21-year-old OSU Student. The male was sitting on the corner pillar of the railing, facing away from the parking lot. His feet were dangling over the edge of the pillar, and he was in a precarious position. The officers cautiously approached the male while trying to engage him in conversation. It quickly became evident to the officers that the male was in a mental health crisis and was contemplating jumping from the 5th story parking garage.

As the officers moved closer to the male to try and convince him to move back into the parking lot and speak with them, the male set his phone down and moved his body forward several inches, indicating he was getting ready to jump. Officer Neiswanger continued to try and reason with the male while Officer Merrill moved forward to close the distance between him and the male. As the male placed his hands onto the area where he was seated to push himself forward, Officer Merrill lunged forward and wrapped his arms around the male. Officer Merrill quickly pulled the male to safety. The male received minor abrasions to his legs due to being pulled off the railing but was otherwise uninjured.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 for free and confidential support.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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31 thoughts on “Police Officers Save OSU Student From Top of Parking Garage

  1. I straight up almost cried. Nothing in life is as bittersweet as people helping someone at their low point. I know it’s their job, but these two men deserve to know the appreciation for what they did here. I hope the kid’s life turned around, and I hope he can use his story to uplift others.

  2. School is really rough in finals week and want to rip my hair out legit have no life and only a few good friends if it were not for my husband i would have been super depressed dont let anyone pressure you to go to college, f family guilt do what makes you happy and stress free! Not worth it and millions of peope nake tons of money just from work experience so dont feel hopeless its gunna be ok

  3. In Canada we have a perthitic response to mental health. The Universities create a lot of the issues then turn their backs on the students. Our medical system is so shitty there is almost nowhere to turn. My son had a severe crisis and we went to emerg. after sitting for 7 hours he saw a screener (not a physician). She asked if he was eminently going to kill himself. He said no and they virtually said, come back when you are. No medical help at all. It is pathetic. America, do NOT ask for our pathetic health care. Yours is far, far better.

  4. Was it really necessary to handcuff him? Like it was enough to bring him down and talk. And also why did you say "how can we help you?", "what do you want us to do?". That is just embarrassing him. Try making him feel relatable and understood and cared for. He's obviously not going to tell a stranger that he doesn't relate to his problems. Start talking about your own hardships in life, grasp his attention, even fake a story about how you almost committed suicide. But dude don't handcuff him and make him feel even worse. It's people's emotions. You did better near the end

  5. I feel like I know how this kid feels. I've been depressed since middle school. I'm 24 now & still feel somewhat the same. I am so lonely & have no friends. Social anxiety makes everything worse. Wish I could make a connection with someone. But even when I do I don't know how to keep it going. I'm more comfortable by myself, but being alone gets to you. People take for granted relationships, like going to the beach with their friends, etc. I hope he feels better.

  6. He didn't really want to kill himself. I don't believe in any such thing as a suicide "attempt." If you're going to do it, just do it. Get up there on that ledge and just jump. Why delay? Why allow people to get close? Man, a loser at life and a loser at suicide. What could be worse.

  7. Is anyone besides me thinking of the Dirty Harry movie? Where Harry asked for the guy's name because after he splats on the ground with all the blood and guts it's hard to make an ID? LOL

  8. Law enforcement are the most comforting people to talk to (in these scenarios) fortunately/unfortunately they have to release you to therapists afterwords. I <3 my 1st responders.

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