Police Officer Arrested for DUI Tries Blackmailing Arresting Officer

Things start to get personal around 33:43.

From the report of Hall County Sheriff’s Deputy J.W. Thompson, edited for clarity and brevity: On November 10, 2018 at approximately 1:20 am I was enforcing the speed limit on I-985 N near Friendship Road when I observed a maroon 1995 Dodge Ram traveling at high rate of speed. I visually estimated the vehicle’s speed to be 90 MPH and LIDAR confirmed its speed at the same. I activated the emergency equipment on my marked patrol vehicle and accelerated to catch up to the vehicle. When I caught up to the Dodge, it braked abruptly and pulled over into the right shoulder.

I exited my patrol vehicle and approached the driver’s side window of the Dodge. I asked the driver, identified as Adam Davis for his driver’s license, which he provided. I recognized Davis because he is a City of Gainesville Police Officer. Davis stated, “I got my backup weapon on me” and asked my name. When asked what he had to drink, Davis stated “Not a damn thing.” I asked Davis “Not a thing at all?” and he replied “No sir.” I could smell an odor of alcoholic beverages emanating from Adam Davis’ breath, which he explained with “My wife’s been drinking, man.”

While performing the HGN evaluation, Davis began loudly yelling my name. I informed Davis that he was beginning to be belligerent, and he lowered his voice and spoke to me in a normal tone. I again gave Davis the instructions for the HGN test. I observed horizontal gaze nystagmus in both left and right eye while checking for lack of smooth pursuit.

I inventoried Davis’ vehicle prior to impound. Terry’s Towing removed the vehicle from the scene. While en route the jail. Davis expressed that he would like to submit to the state administered chemical test.

[Omitted from Thompson’s report: any mention of the many other things Davis alleged.]

Upon arriving to the jail, I read Davis the implied consent notice again. He agreed to submit to the state administered chemical test of his blood. Davis also stated that he would like his own independent chemical test. Once we entered the jail, Davis repeatedly stated that he would submit to the state’s chemical test if he was required to, but he was not doing it freely and voluntarily. Davis advised that he wanted to comply with state law if he was required to submit to a test. While sitting in the chair where blood draws are conducted, Davis continued to state that he would allow the nurse to draw his blood, but he was not doing so freely and voluntarily. After conferring with the nurse, Sgt. Smith and others, we felt that Davis’ willingness to submit to the chemical test of his blood was not voluntary due to his contradictory statements.

I again read Davis the implied consent notice and this time asked for chemical test of his breath. He agreed to submit, but again advised that submitting to the state because the law requires him to, but not freely and voluntarily. I advised Adam Davis that it was up to him to provide a sample into the instrument; Davis advised that he had to breathe out to live. Davis eventually provided a sufficient sample into the Intoxilyzer 9000, which returned a BAC of .144%, confirming the earlier PBT reading of .142%.

Davis was charged with speeding and DUI.

He resigned the next Saturday.

In a 2013 Gainesville Police annual report, Davis is noted as having received an award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving for making 25 DUI arrests that year. Davis pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of reckless driving and was sentenced to 12 months probation.


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45 thoughts on “Police Officer Arrested for DUI Tries Blackmailing Arresting Officer

  1. Mr Davis looks like he’s a miserable person who makes everyone around him miserable as well. It’s no surprise that he would try to blackmail someone, he’s obviously not cut out to be an honest man or law enforcement officer. Thankfully he resigned because he needs to work on himself and find a new career, he has no business being in law enforcement especially with his type of personality, the minute you start abusing your power it’s time for you to go.

  2. One thing that stands out, this officers hands are all over this other officer like he's talking to his girlfriend. Do you think it would be brushed off and not even mentioned if it was a non-officer grabbing all over him?

  3. I like this guy because hes honest. I was an officer of the law. Im a true christian man and even though he is doing hes job alot of officers commit adultry. Look at american gangster. My preacher god blesse him hade an affair when he was younger. He was a cop for 17 years. He broke down to me and told me. I forgive him absolutley. God does to. I never have nore ever would cheat on my wife. I wouldnt want them doing it to me. Thats why you stay single. Messing with a marriage in an adulterist way can be WAY more devistating than a dwi. God bless him. To me adultry should and was a death penalty in the old days. Never break up a happy home. Good lord. I wish it was the old times. Everything is going to hell.

  4. i like when he said, “this is not 1999”! In the eras before body cams cops always let drunk cops go. They would even go as far as driving them home and making sure their cars got home too. Thankfully we now have cameras everywhere and they can no longer get away with that.

  5. I would not have put up with him and his shit for that long I did not arrest him when he went back to the car at a officer he was doing was awful nice to put up with all that and now to say here being accused to doing something else outrageous

  6. Wow now that hes been caught in the wrong by a fellow police officer now hes trying to make it out like the other cop has done something wrong in the past he knows about so hes trying to turn this being arrested into a revenge arrest saying a discount has it out for him and it's against him because of something he knows about the other officer in the past When the officer who is the arresting officer has told this gentleman throughout most of the video I've watched which I got to give the gentleman credit I would not have put up

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