26 thoughts on “Police chase ends in crash – Marion county sheriff 100+ mph (jma breakdown)

  1. Clearly LEOs consider putting the lives of innocent drivers and their passengers at risk, a viable alternative to using radios, which are faster than cars, in coordination with other police officers, or just letting that pony run for now.
    I see no murder, rape or kidnapping in his list of offences. I do see he resisted arrest but that charge is sometimes wildly exaggerated or made up completely. He is a thief, and not a very good one as he keeps getting caught. He likes to run from police officers who are just as reckless as he is.

  2. If that's a newer charger , they've got an 8 speed trans and are good for around 150mph.
    He was definitely in the low 100s ,110-120 or so.
    If you've ever watched the motorcycle wheelie squid videos of them getting chased on a 600 the cop always catches up because the 600 is only good for about 160.
    So unless you keep it flat out he's gonna catch up if you back out of it.
    Definitely in the low 100s for speed in this vid though.

  3. @2:03 in 6th gear, wide open. If you can do the math? What math? Need a little more info than 6th gear to do anything lol. What gearing in rear diff? What final drive ratio? What rpm is the patrol car at?? Even just the make of the car could help haha

  4. Well we all know that PD rules and policies are just suggestions, no one actually has to follow them. Wonder what would have happen if a innocent civilian was hurt or killed during the pursuit.

  5. Police officer is a clown , he don’t chase the other dickhead don’t put his foot down simple as that . COUNTLESS LIVES put at risk by both of them here the dickheads .

  6. Started as a misdemeanor turned into a felony when he took off. Fleeing and eluding in Florida IS A FELONY. "Almost lost control" is not losing control,point is moot.I disagree with your opinion. I say the officer was not close to losing control.

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