Oklahoma Sheriff Officials Suspended For Talking About Killing Reporters & Lynching Black Residents

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46 thoughts on “Oklahoma Sheriff Officials Suspended For Talking About Killing Reporters & Lynching Black Residents

  1. NLE Choppa. Holds Black women on a leesh like they're dogs and gets a pass. We're still victims. Too busy looking at white folks instead of looking in the mirror.

  2. A bunch of rednecks speaking their mind in Oklahoma is not the same as what’s going on in Chicago. Black on black crime is the highest form of violence and racism. Don’t tell me Black people can’t be racist, because if you’re killing your own in your own community just because you can’t is the most evil form of violence. You don’t have anything to say about what is happening in Chicago and what’s happening in Compton California? Get your head out of your ass is.

  3. Instead of just simply taking there jobs, which is going to increase their hate. B.C you guys actually have a show, by asking if the Sheriff can come on the show. And open a dialog. Good ratings..think about it..

  4. I live in Oklahoma City and this is exactly why I don’t be out late driving 🥺. Not to long ago OU college team had a whole racist chant while riding a school bus.

  5. During the conference about this situation, a white guy wanted the black mayor to be investigated 😂😂then black guy told him to take this outside .

  6. This is why Donald Trump says make America great again because old racist white people wish America was back in the 1950s where Sheriffs could take a black man out and hang him and face zero consequences…white people call that the good ol days for a reason

  7. Watched the local news report of this. What's shocking was the local nes said that they said this infront of a black lady who recorded the conversation and they knew she was recording and still said it. She was interviewed during the protest wanting the sheriff fired. They not even hiding it no more.

  8. We need a private tax funded organization that hunts and takes out corrupt cops and Federal Agents. Where everyone on the board, they cannot be related too or have been in law enforcement previous.

  9. There a lot of BLACK PEOPLE who need to know these things exist … there YouTube channels with BLACK people siding with white folks like we’re lying about racism … I wish our folks didn’t act like b****es !!!

  10. Scary thing is there's way more like him in different positions. Smile in black people faces and then talk racist trash like this in private. Cowardly and disgusting

  11. The fact that we aren't arming ourselves, heading to police stations, and killing every pig that moves shows that Black people are the scariest people on the planet. No other group would hear this much evidence about how the police want to kill them and go about their day like every thing is normal and perfectly fine. Black men, why are you so afraid of death? Start organizing to do serious harm to the police or continue to be slaughtered. Your choice! #AbolishThePigs

  12. Home girl from Popeyes “cracker” is always the haymaker 😂 you start of with the two piece from Chris rock and finish off with Popeyes girl 💀

  13. Shit got me 💀
    I don’t understand how black ppl got more rights than a white person! We barley have rights here. Racist White ppl need to go overseas and really see how it is

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