Officers Shoot Suspect Armed With a Gun in Jacksonville, Florida

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Jacksonville, Florida — On October 3, 2023, 30-year-old Randy Sharpe Jr. phoned his girlfriend and asked her to drive him to a bank to procure rent money. Sharpe’s girlfriend complied with his request and picked him up from his apartment complex. Sharpe’s girlfriend immediately recognized that sharp was intoxicated. Additionally, Sharpe admitted to his girlfriend he’d been drinking tequila all day. after they went to the bank, Sharpe and his girlfriend began arguing. Sharpe’s girlfriend, the driver of the vehicle, pulled into a parking lot near the intersection of 103rd Street in Blanding Boulevard. While parked, they continued to argue, and Sharpe’s girlfriend exited the vehicle and walked down Blanding Boulevard.

Sharpe armed himself with his girlfriend’s firearm that she kept in her car and exited the vehicle. Standing outside his girlfriend’s car in the parking lot, Sharpe fired multiple rounds. Two JSO patrol officers, driving together in a patrol vehicle down Blanding Boulevard, heard the gunfire coming from the nearby parking lot and observed the girlfriend’s parked car with the hazard lights flashing. These officers pulled into the parking lot and observed Sharpe first walking, and then running, away from the approaching Patrol vehicle. The officers immediately exited their patrol vehicle and armed themselves with their service weapons. They commanded Sharpe to stop running and to get on the ground. Rather than comply, Sharpe instead turned his body towards the officers with his firearm in hand. In response, both officers fired at Sharpe. Sharpe sustained gunshot wounds and fell to the ground.

Once Sharpe was safely in custody, the officers immediately began emergency medical aid and called for rescue. Once rescue arrived, they transported Sharpe to an area hospital for treatment where Sharpe died from his injuries. Crime scene detectives responded to the scene and collected the .40 caliber gun that Sharpe was armed with, near where he fell to the ground. Additionally, seven .40 caliber casings were located and collected in the parking lot near where the officer first observed Sharpe in the parking lot. Sharpe was a convicted felon, having been previously convicted of multiple felonies, including robbery, possession of a firearm by convicted felon and carrying a concealed firearm. Additionally, Sharpe had multiple convictions for misdemeanor crimes including Battery and Resisting an Officer. As a convicted felon, Sharpe was prohibited from possessing a firearm.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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21 thoughts on “Officers Shoot Suspect Armed With a Gun in Jacksonville, Florida

  1. “Officers shoot suspect with a gun” in the title is kinda like saying firefighters put out a fire with water 💀

  2. Thug’s Mom: “But he waz duh gud boy, he went to duh summa schoo for kindygarrten diploma.” Just wait until election season 2024, Democrats are counting on just one big slip-up by the police.

  3. this was an execution. they didnt show him pointing the gun at them and they absolutely have video prior to where this one starts. every badge cam is recording video before audio kicks in when they hit the button. they definitely redacted the beginning because the suspect did not point anything at them and was clearly seen running away when they continued to shoot him in the back. murder is what this was. i dont care if he was a convicted felon, cops are not judge juries or executioners. fking lunatics all over these comments praising them. you're all animals.

  4. Imagine this, a convicted felon plus a whole page of other crimes this suspect had – these long term criminals are almost never reformed they use the prison system as a revolving door

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