No Infraction, No suspicion Of Crime, Full Shake Down And Search – Burn A Leo (Bernalillo) Sheriff

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James Freeman does first amendment audits, cop watching, cop blocking, and more. Since Live PD and Cops was cancelled, James Freeman does LIVE STREAMING COP WATCHES. It’s like Live PD, except actually live, and without the “cops can do no wrong” bias.

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28 thoughts on “No Infraction, No suspicion Of Crime, Full Shake Down And Search – Burn A Leo (Bernalillo) Sheriff

  1. Lmao. You guys are great. It really pisses me off though because of YOU ARE DOING WHAT THOSE DAMN COPS SHOULD HAVE DONE! I mean that's how to connect with the public in a good way. Go pick up a gallon or two of water.
    HELP PEOPLE! You and I both know they were looking for a reason to jam them up. Iding them and like you said they were looking around. Pretty sad.

  2. Man James…. Please whatchyo six biggen!!!!!!! They are on a blood thirsty hunt bro!!!!! Especially with the forensic audits and news thats about to drop…. You do realise that just about the entire u.s. polic E enforcement, salvage agents are bout to go down…. with either their lives by hanging, shot, or life, or a looooong time… and will do anything to prevent it… and y’all filming them is a license to go out with a bang my friend!!!!! Please don’t go auditing by yourself anymore!!!!! and it would hurt to make you a Kevlar chest protector!!! I know you can carry your produce… or banana… and lawfully at that…. Despite what any policy or law and or mandate or statute says… every man has that right… which outdates even the Magna Carta! They don’t like us knowing these things!!! and frankly don’t care!!!! They'er murderers hiding behind their lil war belts and badges!!! Stay frosty man!!!!!! You are by far one of my absolute favs!!! You have balls the size of elephants!!!!! Truly admirable man!!!!!!! That enrages them!!!! You're one of the smartest auditors out there as well!!!! Your quick Witt is unmatched!!! Im not sure if the detective being challenged on a breathalizer or the shitsky I'm sorry did you just ask me what I was doing and then tell me what I was doing in the same question is better!!!! I do know that I got a six pack of abs after watching both… and back in the bao early days before loveland or whoever it was that made you gun-shy and never go back… used to kill me…. together y’all two were something to behold!!!!! the id deal with bao owned me……. Y’all two are pioneers man!!!!! World changers!!!!!!! I expect fully to see you two among others that are also great like ol sjq phoenix and his leather neck son jr… and I could literally name a host of outstanding ones… but I do expect to see y’all in the history books one day and thats straight up facts and no sack swinging!! The impact you guys have made in our world will be something that all should take note on and not only respect but thank you guys for they nads and cahonies to do what y’all did and continue to do!!!!!! So not fuh nutten man but uhhh….. THANK YOU BIG DAWG!!!!! I salute you!!!!!

  3. Littering? Illegal disposal of hazardous waste? Antifreeze?
    Ridiculous. Elise idiots don't have nothing to do, they should be picking up garbage in some Park somewhere. We're on the streets.
    It really pisses me off when I find out how much some of these cops get paid by us, the taxpayers, and they abuse us as they do, do not uphold actual law. Mislead and misrepresent. Intimidate and threatened. Walk straight up to you with their chest puffed out and her shoulders drawn back where is if you did that to them, yeah…. Okay.
    They are public servants. They're supposed to serve and protect US. Not fuck with us.
    I don't recall where it was but it had to do with DUI's and after so many DUI arrest and convictions, they got a pay raise. WTF?
    And everybody knows a lot of places have quotas as far as tickets, speeding tickets and stuff like that.
    We don't pay enough already? It makes me sick. It's really sad. Thanks again for all you do my friend. You and many other others are definitely making a difference.

  4. 308k subscribers, and probably that many others who don't watch, are the relative few that you'd have credibility with. For everyone else, you're just a contrarian who disagrees with law enforcement on all occasions – unable to give credit to guys who in some cities work a pretty dangerous job. Unless the end of law enforcement is your vision, I challenge you to make 1 video out of 20 that shows a man or woman doing a public service performance that you actually approve of.

  5. Hey, for what it's worth, I'm a 60 year old Caucasian male from Dearborn Michigan. My records clean. I've had a couple of run-ins with authoritative cops that made zero effort to be courteous or professional.
    I'm not a cop hater or anything like that. I am a corrupt cop hater.
    So anyway, what I was saying is there should be no reason why I become fearful or nervous when there is a police officer around me. Whether I'm driving or wherever it is, that nervousness and fearfulness didn't come with me when I popped out of the room 60 years ago.
    That's really sad. Those who took an oath to uphold our constitutional rights and to serve and protect US….. And I can't help but say I believe there are more authoritative egotistical idiots out there than there are good cops.
    And what's really unfortunate is the cops that are good, don't say anything when the bad cops are bad because of their careers or their blue line that shouldn't be on the United States flag.
    Those body cams should be taping both video and audio at all times on duty.
    They should be readily accessible to the public when requested.
    There needs to be accountability. There needs to be totally separate unbiased oversight committees with professionally trained people including psychiatrists and psychologists that regularly view how all officers interact with the public the most especially those who are known to be abusive. Those that don't know what deescalate means. Those that can't wait to have a reason to pull their gun out and use it.
    And this qualified immunity? I get it but they need to revamp that. And when these guys get busted now that there's so many video cameras around, stop with the slap on the wrists. 2 weeks off with pay? Yeah right. Two weeks off without pay yeah maybe if it's something minor like the cop was being too assertive, sarcastic or intimidating.
    I thank God that you guys are out there doing what you do. I really do. Just know that every single time you go out, you are appreciated.

  6. Hello from Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean 🇹🇹 big up everyone in the comments ❤️ massive respect James Freeman, High Desert Community Watch, NC Tyrant Hunter Kern County Transparency, Auditing Britain, Reggie Photo, Nunya Bizness 💯 fantastic work bro!!!❤️ Friendly Neighborhood Citizen 💯🇹🇹🙏 what's up with Macron in France 🤔

  7. That's really sad. It's ridiculous as well.
    Thank you very much for doing these audits and videoing these supposed law enforcement personnel bringing awareness to everybody. I appreciate it very much.

  8. Here's the thing guys…. They're rolling around in a Black Tinted up Jeep with (NO TAGS!!!). So that being said…. I feel like if your shhh… (Stuff) isn't a Hundred percent Legit,. You can't really go around flexing your rights…. Until then! It's Yes Sir! No Sir! Have a Nice Day!!!🙄😏🤣😆😅🤦

  9. I might sound old but I do remember the old days when cops would actually help you get water for the radiator but now it just seems like they're armed thugs that need to tell you how to do your life and shake you down.

  10. We were checking on them…they don't have warrants out so we will leave on the side of the road and not actually do anything to help them…. all them cops and they didn't actually do anything to help…

  11. So 5 pigs were needed to illegally harass innocent people yet when the public demands that police budgets needed to be reduced they throw a hissy fit. No wonder actual crime is on the rise while there are more police than ever.

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