New Jersey woman arrested for possession of weed residue

[Note: this arrest predates the law change described below.]

On February 22, 2021, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed three bills changing the legal status of marijuana in the state. These laws, which went into immediate effect, created a two-tier framework: regulated, and everything else. The former is fully legal in New Jersey, while everything in the latter is still defined as “controlled dangerous substances” under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-2. That said, despite the scary-sounding name, the latter category has been largely decriminalized for non-distribution offenses. The new laws eliminated existing prohibitions and created new, more lenient penalties for possession and distribution.

As of mid-September, New Jersey courts had automatically expunged more than 360,000 low-level marijuana cases, with more than 100,000 additional cases eligible for automatic expungement.

According to a March 26, 2021 document published by the Attorney General of New Jersey, under the new law, if a driver is not found to be under the influence, the odor of marijuana, either burned or raw, by itself does not establish reasonable suspicion to justify a continued stop, nor probable cause to conduct a search — even in a low-level possession with intent to distribute marijuana case.

There are also severe restrictions on law enforcement officers’ ability to investigate and take action against anyone under the age of 21 who is suspected or known to be in possession of marijuana.

Due to the above changes in New Jersey law, Real World Police will not be providing any details about this incident or the arrestee, beyond what is communicated in the video.





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38 thoughts on “New Jersey woman arrested for possession of weed residue

  1. I want to support the police so bad, but really we’re still doing this? Country is on the brink of Civil War and we’re still arresting people for Weed?

  2. I like good cop work. This one is a dumb cop who thinks he is solving the community problem by arresting someone with weed residue. Give him a desk job

  3. Officers have one goal in mind…to put people in jail…and that's a miserable daily life…to search hunt and ask questions specifically trying to put people in jail…sucks to be you…

  4. Why do women just throw their trash in the floorboard and have such cluttered cars? Seriously they never throw anything away lol. No offense ladies but you know it's true 😉

  5. One She dont know her rights because they cant and not suppose to search her car unless they have a warrant

    2.) If you dont see no weed then let her go and give her a warning and let her go if her registration is suspended..

    Crooked ass cops

  6. Meanwhile it’s legal in the same exact country lol…I support cops but not this bullshit. Get it together New Jersey.

  7. Welocome to the communist state of NJ…
    Back the blue? Pffft my ass.
    Robbery’s, thefts, car jacking , armed robbery, home break ins and more…
    But officer residue is on the case backed up by Sgt Doofy ..
    One of the many reasons why I left NJ ( shit hole).
    Between the super troopers pulling you over because your window factory tint is too dark to their stance on owning a weapon NJ can kiss my ass

  8. These white officers are obviously pissed they have it small. That’s why weed was illegal in the first place lol too many white woman seeking bigger men.

  9. Thank you for shining a light on this disturbing immorality that some (not all) are forced to endure. How many lives and families have been (and will be) destroyed needlessly?

  10. Grinder without residue, 5 to 10 years in prison minimum. Grinder with the slightest hint of residue, 20 years to life. America really needs to step up their punishments. I mean, a fully justifiable punishment for just dreaming about a joint should be the death sentence.

  11. living in canada smokin my weed eating my shrooms thanking my now passed grandparents for choosing Halifax over New York when they immigrated as children close to 100 years ago now,, they had the choice.. my grannys sister went to new york,

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