New Footage From the Arrest of Jefrey Scott Schultz

Over the last couple of years, Real World Police has made minor celebrities of a number of people. Jeremy Dewitte is probably the most well known, but there are many others — even in the police impersonation category.* Two years ago, Real World Police introduced you to Jefrey Scott Schultz (yes, one-f-Jef), who starred in ‘Cringeworthy Police Impersonator Jefrey Scott Schultz’ and ‘Arrest of Police Impersonator Jefrey Scott Schultz.’ Those videos, about 20 minutes in total, are recapped at the start of this video, for those viewers who haven’t seen them.

The original Schultz arrest video is notable for its second half, which presented some of Schultz’s personnel records, including a couple of citizen complaints that had been filed against him. Also shown was a one-page document revealing that Schultz had been employed by more than a half-dozen law enforcement agencies in a very short period of time, most for less than one year. He had been fired from his most recent gig with Hapeville Police Department back in 2007.

At the time we posted that video, that was most of the information we had, and as far as anyone knew, our publishing those videos put the story to bed. In reality, it didn’t, and the investigation into Schultz’s history continued up to the present. We have interviewed some of Schultz’s former employees and have spoken with a former coworker, a former chief of police, a city council member, and a number of others who insisted on anonymity even in their title. It’s time to share some of what we have learned.

At 4:06 in the Schultz arrest video, Corporal Lowe waves some papers in the air, stating “I’ve got your POST history right here, bro.” With complete respect for Corporal Lowe, there is no way that was true.

Because we have Schultz’s POST history.

And it’s more than 1,300 pages long.

A significant subset of those 1,300 pages consists of citizen, coworker, management, and even elected official complaints against Jefrey. As referenced in this video, Schultz actually managed to get [seriously] investigated for impersonating a police officer while actually employed as a police officer. Not even Jeremy Dewitte can do that.

From the 1,300+ pages we selected some to share in this video. There are, of course, many more, and some of those are worth your time. For the true story of the police officer who was investigated for impersonating a police officer, stop by the Real World Police subreddit later this week.

Remarkably, there is even more to this story. Multiple certificate revocation actions and frivolous lawsuits filed by Schultz seemingly in retaliation for his terminations. At one point, he even sued Georgia POST. And guess who has a current action against his certification?

Nailed it.

Hop onboard.

Side note: Georgia law is very different from Florida in relation to police impersonation. Florida law requires that the person pretending to be an officer “…takes upon himself or herself to act as such, or to require any other person to aid or assist him or her in a matter pertaining to the duty of any such officer.” That would be a hard sell for Schultz at the traffic stop.

Georgia law, on the other hand, seems clearly applicable: “A person who falsely holds himself out as a peace officer or other public officer or employee with intent to mislead another into believing that he is actually such officer commits the offense of impersonating an officer” O.G.C.A. 16-10-23.

*Dewitte may be the most well known, but he is hardly the most significant.





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    What a waste.
    Unreal. Dude is a head case so lock him up and take all his shit. Wife and kids need to leave before they get beat when he gets home.

  2. I guess police impersonators are all a) whiny cry babies, b) never shut the f up and c) like to give HR the comfort of knowing they’re earning their paycheck.

  3. I live in Hapeville and it’s a tiny area. I’m so glad he’s not on our streets anymore. He definitely has a personality disorder and is a danger to himself and others.

  4. I love it how the officer is just playing with the fake cop cause nothing is under oath but everything is recorded

  5. This guy is more entertaining than Jeremy DeWitt. I can't wait to watch this! If we're lucky he'll keep on with his shenanigans like DeWitt and we'lll never have to worry about entertainment again.

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  8. "I've never written an officer in my entire career". Honestly not so sure how that makes me feel. I know certain things officers have discretion on, but at the same time how many breaks has this officer given regular Joe's like me?

  9. if youre a cop then why would you be so facetious to YOUR fellow brother? THATS why youre not a cop anymore and its also Its why you got arrested. AMD its also why the judge WONT go easy on you bc your arrogance.

  10. This cop shod get a warrant for failing to uphold the law by admitting on camera that he has never written a police officer before in 29 years!!! Wow!!

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