Never answer questions, never open the door! They’ll snatch you or serve you.

When Someone unexpextrd rings your doorbell or knocks on your door make sure you know who it is. If you don’t know who it is don’t answer the door it could be one of a few things a criminal or someone from the government, they’re sometimes hard to distinguish until it’s too late 🤣

How to ruin a Knock knock joke:

Knock knock,

Doors open, come on In

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43 thoughts on “Never answer questions, never open the door! They’ll snatch you or serve you.

  1. Oh hell no.. DON'T ANSWER THE DOOR..He even has a camera wtf?.. I Have my property all visibly marked several signs saying.."NO TRESPASSING..PRIVATE PROPERTY..NO SOLICITATION..AND SEVERAL CAMERAS …I believe in and follow all the amendments..and if I am fearing for my life I will protect myself ,family and property..You were warned….Love and Light Pgh Pa.

  2. Howdy folks. Michael McMahon NYPD detective retired on partial disability from "ground zero ailments" that apparently dont prevent him from working as a private detective was caught working for the Chinese government in a case where they were harassing and terrorizing expatriates living here. Some of these people were dissidents involved in small provincial disagreements. Our retired police hero Michael McMahon lives in "mahwah" "new jersey". Mr. McMahon is spending the 6 figure pension he receives from NYC and his disability from "ground zero syndrome" in a town kept segregated through underhanded means in another state. Let's help spread the word about this police traitor and "ground zero syndrome" cheat.

  3. This guy was a Civil Employee, he is not a Sworn Deputy but you could tell he has a bad attitude, never answer the door, especially for Law Enforcement, never talk to Law Enforcement.

  4. It borders on police impersonation if all he does is serve papers and yet is allowed to wear a badge. Of course nothing will be done.

  5. My wife received an arrest warrant notification in the mail for a ticket she never received. Of course, no one knew anything. The next day, sheriff deputy showed up to arrest her. He knocked on the door for an hour and 15 minutes. For a supposed inspection sticker ticket….

  6. Normally I just answer the Ring doorbell on my phone and tell them I'm busy cleaning my AR, please come back later. Sometimes I'm home, other times I'm not… 😎

  7. Beware the gov vac men they are coming. They want a list of everyone that didn't take the vac to build a database don't give them your name and don't answer questions. If you see them video them. And never talk to the census workers fill out your form but don't talk

  8. I always answer with open ended questions. Like so and so lives here, wow news to me. Then close the door.

  9. I always answer the door when a stranger nocks – with a gun in my hand, cocked and ready to go – regardless of the costumes they wear.
    – looking forward to having a convo with the door to door jab NAZI's

  10. Anytime anyone asks "Is your name "so-and-so" I always respond with a "Depends. You got a warrant?". I was also taught to NEVER take things from strangers, even free candy.

  11. No trespass. you agree to a charge of _______ by entering onto the property. Create and publish a fee schedule. Mine starts in the offenders weight in gold bullion. If you dont have access it that much bullion dont offend.

    Otherwise you perform a taking without compensation. A theft of right.

  12. These process servers are private businesses no? I mean, I guess it varies from State to State. But is this guy an actual representative from Volusia County? He states he is "with the Volusia County Courts"…alot of process servers try to intimidate with words, and certain articles of clothing. The courts should just stick with constable and Sheriff's serving these type of court papers.

  13. My brother is a retired k9 handler, one of my brother in laws a police officer for 10 yrs. Both of them have said you never open the door, just ignore it. Even if they “know” you are home, there aint a damn thing they can do.

  14. Paperwork like this are sent to the Recipient by Registered Post by the Court System in the Republic of Ireland.
    You know a First World Democracy .

  15. Everyone with more than 2 brain cells wants the Criminals to be Arrested! We also want Accountability for all Government agents!

    Let's just have ACCOUNTABILTY of the Police! Insanity is doing nothing to protect the citizens from the Government Blue Gestapo Killers, Tyrants, & Thugs!

    The Lonoke Arkansas Sheriff Sgt. Michael Davis murdered 17 year old unarmed Hunter Britten!

    What is the Punishment… fired for not turning on his body camera… not for Killing a young man!

    Sgt. Michael Davis belongs in PRISON for 20 Years! Where is the Accountability? Where would the average citizen be… Prison!

    Arkansas Sheriff Sgt Davis Shoots Unarmed 17 Year Old Kid – Was In Fear Of His Life – Earning Hate (Rick Gore) –

    Cops believe in their OWN privacy, not yours (Uncivil Law) –

    Mesa Arizona Police, A Culture Of Brutality, Rights Violations, With No End In Sight (James Freeman) –

    Deland Police Officer Fired For False Arrest & Assault of 69 YO Man Then Rehired – Earning The Hate (Rick Gore) –

    Cop in NC Caught Punching Man in Street Fight (Community LEO Watch) –

    Dash Cam Catches Officer Lying (Audit the Audit) –

    Police K9 Attacks Compliant Passenger (Community LEO Watch) –

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