Navy Seal Breaks Down a SWAT Shooting

Join Mike, Tansey and former Navy Seal Sean Matson to discuss breaking the world record for running a mile in a bomb suit and to break down the recent insane SWAT situation in Sacramento

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21 thoughts on “Navy Seal Breaks Down a SWAT Shooting

  1. The SWAT breakdown was awful in my opinion. Cops should have walked away. He told them to leave his property & they sat around outside his window front looking in? At that point they were trespassing & he had every right to be grabbing his gun to protect himself & his home & turns out he was right to do so as the escalation was egregious. They brought in an MRAP & a bulldozer & sniper team to break into his home & then killed him in his own home for defending it. Come on guys! Do better. This shit right here is why people hate cops. Sadly this didn’t make the news like Floyd did because the reaction should be similar in outrage. Nobody should be defending this. Being paranoid or believing in crazy things isn’t illegal. He wasn’t saying he was going to harm himself or anyone. Awful take guys.

  2. Searching wide and far, for your daddy's stolen car…
    The 1991 Chevy S-10 was mine, I had the title, but not on me at the time…
    The woman blocked me in a parking spot, I told her the car was mine, she said that it was not…
    She said it was stolen from her daddy, the little red S-10, with a 5 speed manual and a v6 engine…
    Grove city police knew it was my car, they are not dumb, Still they treated her as the brave hero and me as lowlife criminal scum…
    Trespassed from Huntington bank, my banking there has stopped, where I had accounts for many years, They catered to the cops,

  3. Breakdown ex cop shoots teenage girl in head because? Fun? Breakdown, cops drag paraplegic out of car to check for drugs. Breakdown the amazing noses cops have (and the evil intent) to detect 'drugs'. Breakdown how many lives ruined by cops because of drugs. By cops that booze on no doubt.
    You make a big thing about enforcing mask wearing yet the greatest crime against humanity, the war on drugs, (that is different people making different choices than boozers), is continually perpetrated on people everywhere.
    And it is noteable that police unions and associations have always lobbied against decriminalization legalizing even weed, so the 'I don't make the law' is bogus. People aren't fed up with police brutality because of bad media, it is because of the reams of evidence that it is true.

  4. I hate to say this but I don't really agree with this assessment guys. From the beginning, the idea that it's the officers fault if he commits suicide is, in my opinion, flawed. It's his own fault. 2nd, if I'm interrupted in the middle of the night for a "well check/Karen call", I'm not gonna be calm and polite either. I might not be " they are trying to kill me" but I'm definitely telling officers to f off my property, with my side arm in hand or on my side, or something bigger. Not gonna be brandishing it if I knew it was the cops but still, I've had friends get into altercations with pretend cops as a way of entry.
    I'm not anti cop by any means, I just am way more self responsibility than I am pro government. Obviously, every situation is different but still, they should of f'ed off instead of escalate to mrap and swat.

  5. I don’t agree with this SWAT nonsense.
    There were no exigent circumstances for them to look into his windows, or stay.
    It’s perfectly legal to walk around your house with a gun.
    If LE went to this chicks house and saw threatening messages that’s one thing, other than that this is another case of ego and a waste of money.
    What’s the point of having both a bobcat and a MRAP? The MRAP could easily drive into this guys house or anyone’s. Just more wasted money.
    Cops especially SWAT are trying too hard to LARP as SOF.
    Let’s not forget the idiots that armed the Hollywood shooters was LE!

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