Motorcycle VS Cops | Dashcam Captures Intense Police Chase

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A Lynchburg man faces up to 6 years in prison after pleading guilty Wednesday to charges connected to a late-night, high-speed chase through city streets ending in a motorcycle wreck. Lewis Edward Fields, 44, pleaded guilty to charges of felony eluding and misdemeanor driving on a suspended license in Lynchburg Circuit Court. Prosecutors said Fields was arrested Jan. 3 after eluding police and leading them on a nearly 10-minute chase turning on various Lynchburg streets, sometimes reaching 100 miles per hour and going the wrong way against oncoming traffic. The incident began at about 12:10 a.m., when Trooper T. W. Fridley, of the Virginia State Police, observed Fields driving a motorcycle eastbound on Fort Avenue toward the Wards Road intersection, Chuck Felmlee, chief deputy commonwealth’s attorney for Lynchburg, said in an email.

Between the intersections with Graves Mill Road and Sandusky Drive, Fields was clocked going about 83 mph in a 35-mph zone, Felmlee said. When the trooper tried to stop Fields for speeding, he took off and ran the red light at Fort Avenue/Wards Road, then continued on Fort Avenue at speeds of more than 100 mph, Felmlee said. The chase, a video of which was shown in court, took numerous twists and turns onto nine more streets , with Fields sometimes facing oncoming traffic in the wrong lane, making an illegal turn and ignoring a stop sign or signal, much of the time at more than 100 mph, according to Felmlee’s description.

Multiple Lynchburg police vehicles responded to the chase, which he called extremely dangerous. About seven minutes into the chase, Fields, while traveling about 50 mph to 60 mph on Long Meadows Drive, struck a curb and wrecked when he attempted to apply the brakes in wet grass, and after a short foot chase, he was arrested by Fridley and two Lynchburg police officers, the prosecutor said. Jordan Davies, defense attorney for Fields, declined comment prior to sentencing. Fields has been held in jail with no bond since his arrest. He will remain in jail with no bond pending his sentencing Nov. 16 at 1:30 p.m. in Circuit Court, Felmlee said.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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39 thoughts on “Motorcycle VS Cops | Dashcam Captures Intense Police Chase

  1. I was really expecting the “biker” to be intoxicated because of the inability to handle the bike, especially taking corners BARELY turning in time. It’s another example of wannabe riders thinking crouch rockets are cool, EXACTLY LIKE THE ONES WHO REDLINE IT UNNECESSARILY FOR ATTENTION! I genuinely hate the crouch rockets because unless you’re taking your bike to tracks and using them as intended it’s absolutely wasted to use a vehicle SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for heavy leaning during open throttle corners and straight line 180mph+ drags then it’s just stupid to use a crouch rocket as a method of transport rather than a cruiser (unless you ruin it with loud exhaust).

  2. Intense might have been a strong word for the title, would not have been my choice, at least compared to many other videos on this channel…

  3. Cop did not drive well enough to keep up with the motorcycle. He drove well enough to more than keep up with the incompetent rider.
    Much credit to the officer for not running over the rider to end the chase. He sure had plenty of opportunity. A true professional.

  4. 6 years?! Seriously? I get he was evading the police and speeding but thats just hilarious to me when sooo many other people perform way worse crimes and get very minimal sentencing, just seems kinda excessive considering what he did. Thought jail was for rehabilitation ;)? But hey maybe he had a warrant idk

  5. This is one of the greatest police chases i have ever seen. That cop drove the FUCK out of that car, I wonder what vehicle he is driving. He was right there at every turn, you could see that after a while the biker was just like, "wtf, why is this guy still with me?" And then he started doing some hectic shit – going into opposing lanes/mounting sidewalks and shit – to try and get the deputy to call off the chase, but this little did he know this day he had fucked with the robo cop. He fucking passed him at one point on a straightaway, seriously must have been going over 200MPH to do so 5:42 . Any other cop would have called off that chase. There wasn't even back up any where near, im pretty sure even they wanted him to call off that chase. This is exactly how I think every non-police officer imagines what their actions would be if they were in a high speed pursuit. That was Jordan-esque. This cop deserves a medal.

  6. What a terrible bike rider. Can't even shift right – up or down – let alone take a curve. The cop should have tapped his rear wheel to see how many times he tumbled.

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