More Stupid Cop Training

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40 thoughts on “More Stupid Cop Training

  1. Besides this being the stupidest thing I've ever heard as far as any firearms training goes. I have multiple other issues with this. Like you said the whole liability thing and also you know arteries and things exist in other places but also just the lawsuits. You're talking about permanent damage to somebody if you shoot them in certain areas. Some of these incapacitation shots will lead to severe lawsuits I believe. Have we really gone this far off the edge that an entire department thought this was okay? nobody in the room when this was brought up said anything?

  2. And then the perp gets to the hospital and the doc asks why he was shot so many times… “The initial incapacitation shots didn’t stop him, so I had to reload and mag dump another mag into the red zone to finally stop him.” 🤦‍♂️

  3. I am a medical professional, and getting hit in those green zones is still very likely to kill. In any sane court, that's still deadly force. They're also almost impossible to hit on a charging suspect. The arms and legs move A LOT on a running person. Pretty much only the torso and head stay somewhat stable.

  4. Why do we keep worrying about the femoral artery so much? At least you can tourniquet that.
    Instead it's better to aim for heart, lungs, aorta "center mass" like they're more likely to survive that??
    "Began life-saving measures" = "HURRY! START THAT CPR so you can pump that blood out faster!!"

  5. The military are trained to kill. This is why I always tell those veterans who think serving in the military is the same as serving as a cop. Hell a military cop or MP is a specialized field within the military.

  6. 2020: aim center mass
    2021: shot to "incapacitate" first then center mass
    2022:all cops are issued Civil War rifles to "incapacitate" at range and two muzzle loading pistols for center mass and a gutless for close quarters combat.
    Then they will be true road pirates

  7. Ok. Fair enough. Train officers to shoot thugs in the junk. Make that known, then watch to see if crimes of stupidity go down. Could be a win-win. Take down the rapper thug without killing him, but ensure he can't pass his stupidity on to the next generation.

  8. My thoughts? "Center mass" is the most likely to get a hit as well as the most effective way to stop someone without blowing their head up. Typically by the time it comes to bullets either a. all other options have been exhausted and the individual is still a threat to life and limb of the officer or those around or b. they have a gun of their own that they have just brought into play and so there is not time to escalate and the threat needs to be stopped three seconds ago. You got time to carefully aim and lead (relatively) fast and erradically moving things like limbs you are either a super hero or you got time to try other things.
    Brain-dead feel-good optics that are either just for show or are going to get good people killed……. Morons!

  9. The people who complain the loudest are usually the least educated on a subject. Shoot them in the leg is a prime example of that, and good luck putting a tourniquet on a hip.

  10. LOL, "shoot to incapacitate as part of our training on the use of deadly force…"

    So, how many criminals die from getting shot in the femoral artery before they realize their idiocy?

  11. When you have to use a firearm you shoot to kill not to would its not double tap the arm and one to the ankle.. Its double tap center mass and one to the skull if able of not just mag dump

  12. 1st off thank you for what you do. Truly, thank you. You know what all these ridiculous changes and hate for our LEOS has done? Made me purchase more firearms and ammo since apparently my country is trying to debilitate the effectiveness of the people who are trained and hired to protect myself and my family. How far is this going to go. I’m in disbelief tbh.

  13. Hey, just so criminals know, if it comes to the point where I am drawing a firearm (a potential lethal weapon) I believe my life or the life of a third party is in danger and will respond in kind.

  14. Because shattering the pelvis into a sack of sharp bone fragments with the two largest arteries passing through is ooooohhh so much better than a sucking chest wound. That's literally a spot we train to aim at in the infantry because it's pretty effective at ending a threat that might be wearing body armor. How do they plan on applying a tourniquet to the pelvis anyway?

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