Mississippi Middle School Offers Girls Shapewear to Address ‘Body Image’ Concerns

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Author: phillyfinest369


42 thoughts on “Mississippi Middle School Offers Girls Shapewear to Address ‘Body Image’ Concerns

  1. Lol I went to a women's college and the creator of spanx came and gave out some of them. Thing was they called out winners in auditorium and you had to go up and get your pair… This giveaway was a surprise so no one willingly entered it.🤣

  2. Maaaan they already wearing skin tight jeans and leggings , nails and lashes from Jr high up smh , tattoos , now here take this it will shape you like a insta model , the pedophile agenda is subtle but real …like a mass grooming going on

  3. DJ Envy is horrible. So kids should make themselves look smaller so they don’t get picked on? This is from a man with million kids. I guess they’re all thin. I hope he has that came attitude if they gain weight or get picked on. Having that many kids it bound to happen. I’m sure it has already. Especially if people realize he’s there father. I hope the kids well, but he’s a horrible person.

  4. Parents are to blame for everything their children encounter, don't encounter, and how they handle, mishandle or don't handle a situation. We blame administrators, politicians, law enforcement and everything and system; but what no one ever stops to realize is; all parents are untrained and unlicenced for the life-time "JOB" of parenting. There is no system designed within this society that teaches and enforces upon parents to be 100% accountable for the failing results and the correction of the failing results of their children. No one should have to be nice to you for being unhealthy. Not even nature is kind to the unhealthy, that is why health-based diseases formulate because its not ok. Science, laws, rules, the universe cares nothing for our feelings. If a parent does not correct the child's behavior then the child will receive pain from its society. However, the parent has to 1st correct their behavior, in order to influence the change in the child's behavior. Then create a culture of better-outcome-producing behaviors in the household. Not easy right!?! But guess what? By the parents not doing that, the bully got to bully, multiple administrators got work, the breakfast club and every other person reporting got work, and us in the comments section got work. All of us are now involved in a situation that started with 2 parents. The parents should be given Donkey of the Day then turned into one.

  5. You create positive body image for kids by telling them they are beautifully created the way they are!!! To love themselves and the way that they look!! Little girls don’t need shape wear! Hell I’m almost 40 and I don’t want to wear mine DAILY?!!! Not to mention it’s expensive! How the hell did a school in Mississippi afford to hand them out to a bunch of kids??! Yea they missed the mark! My 13yr old doesn’t NEED this smh. Now when they get older and begin wearing those tight dresses to homecomings and proms maybe (and I mean MAYBE) by then some of them may need this. Not for everyday use and not to feel good about the body type they may have! Ridiculous.

  6. I think they tried to do something great for the young girls. I just think they should have left out the shape wear from the conversation. I know I could have really used something like this when I was younger

  7. This sounds like some teenager talked some young teacher into adding the shapewear. Lol I remember I was able to talk some teachers into mostly anything. It didn’t land well. Lol More physical activities, like a workout program after school 3days a week. Teach the kids how to use weights correctly n what each weight is called. More talk on healthy meals teach them easy 15min meals that are healthy but delicious. This did make me laugh a bit. I could totally see most of the girls in my school taking some shapewear lol but not telling anyone they picked it up.

  8. Such an embarrassment. I can see by the comments my opinion on the shapewear piece is in the minority but focus should be on health instead it will fast track them to being sexualized (or further sexualized, depending on what men/boys are around them) at 12, 13, 14 years old. Yes, kids seem to develop more quickly now (likely due to additives in our food supply and lack of physical activity) but their minds don't. "Grown" bodies and childlike minds can easily be led to detrimental consequences.

  9. The parent is always at the top of the food chain for all issues involving their offspring. From the start, if the parents had the discipline to create a healthy culture in their households then the young girl would be healthier; thus body shaming would have never ensued; thus the need for the administration to attempt to coddle the child's feelings would have never occurred. The entire situation is a trickled down reaction from the parent's negligence. No one gets away with their own lack of discipline and structure. A lack of discipline in any of the areas of physicality, mentality, and spirituality will always catch up with not only you but also your family. Our failure as parents have a rippling effect and impact upon our children's lives.

  10. I honestly don't think it's a bad idea, I developed early so when It came to gym and doing jumping Jack's and running I was always self conscious, especially when the boys and girls shared gym

  11. We can't really bash the school for having good intentions. I'm not going to bash somebody for trying to do the right thing maybe give them suggestions on how to improve. I guess I personally would need more insight on why they chose shapewear.

  12. Physical activities in the schools are getting taking away due to the lack of reading and arithmetic’s being the downslide. People say educate people but if your household is dying of heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments of being brown. Why hasn’t your household taken action to alter the genetics of your people. So if you educate a child at school and they go home and subject to what the provider is suppling how do they alter what eat to conform to the body that is appealing. More effort should be from the leaders in the community to influence the masses not the school.

  13. Too many young girls are developing younger and younger and spilling out of their undergarments. Bras are expensive, especially in irregular sizes, it’s hard enough to keep some in shoes that fit and pants that don’t flood. I think this was an attempt to help. If it does not apply let it fly, some girls probably are in need.

  14. I disagree wit this one cthagod. I don’t feel nothing is wrong with providing the information for children to start making healthier choices and becoming aware of self. And let’s be honest idealistically no one is attracted to obese individuals. And there already was a huge campaign addressing bullying. Now let’s attack the illusion and delusion that being overweight is okay and healthy. Hypothetically speaking if i came to school stinky and soiled and got bullied for it. Yes i would want the bullies to be addressed but we gonna have to address the hygiene issue. Yeah? Or no?

  15. Wow this is sad. Parents had an option of yes or no and through mindless ridicule, the school got rid of a perfectly well intending program that would have provided undergarments ( bras, etc.) to students who likely couldn’t afford these items. Bullying goes beyond simple size you can get bullied for not wearing in style shoes or say having on a bra two sizes, too small. While these students should also be given better meals and options for extracurriculars that allow them to get physically fit. It was considerate of the counselors to also provide basic items that some kids just don’t have access to. They either get hand-me-downs or just have to make make do. We need to start thinking outside of the box and carefully consider different means to a common goal (resolving body issues that can stem from clothing, underwear, shoes, and yes size).

  16. I'm glad they stated they will also give these students literature and teaching about healthy options. I don't know much about shape wear, but I hope they focus on health and education, and not just hiding the problem.

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