Mesa Police Predatory Practices Get Shut Down


The highlighted event in this video was documented by Phil Martinez. Head over to his channel, subscribe, and check out some of his other videos.

Other videos events used in this video came from Direct D
And pigs under Pressure

This video is for educational purposes. This video depicts the predatory practices employed by Mesa Police Department, to help people better spot and understand these tactics, in order to help protect themselves and others from becoming victims of Mesa Police predators.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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39 thoughts on “Mesa Police Predatory Practices Get Shut Down

  1. In this Video ide nail you for impeding and investigation wich you are,,, And Obstruction wich you are. they dont need to care about your video,, Couse they have it also. No officer needs to comply with anything you DEMAND.

  2. Someone has posted a bounty on the bold cop who was kneeing and punching Robert Johnson on 4chan.The bounty has the cops home address and family details with £10.000 taped on it and a photo of a baseball bat taped to it.

  3. James your nothing more then a POLICE stalker, your going to be the reason why sooner or later they will make a law to stop you dooing this, I do understand why you do this but you go to far at times.

  4. Only way to stop all these dirty cops is to file lawsuits and break the city budgets and force the tax payers to say had enough of dirty dumb cops we can't afford to keep paying taxes and tax raises to fund idiots who don't know the law

  5. Its a Freemason World. Protect the Fraternal Order of the Brotherhood at all costs. Its a Freemason thing. They sacrifice themselves and each other to further the plans and goals of the Fraternal Order. All BAR members are in on the action as well as all the Judges. Rod Class Attorneys Confessions…look it up!

  6. i like that guy saying i will give you a good lawyers number and advising her you should be allowed to advise people if you know the laws better than the cops do even if your not a lawyer yourself

  7. Mesa clowns on patrol again The circus must have left their clowns 🤡 in town again Mesa still thinks like bully boy yobs.When will they become human beings This lot are such imbeciles. Here in Europe we use these Mesa videos as training videos to show what is evil and what not to be doing.

  8. The reason trespass works so often for them is that they are working for those business owners and not the public at large. They serve business owners and capital, not all citizens.

  9. We need to form an EMERGENCY PRO-BONO COURT SYSTEM & PROSOCUTE EVERYBODY that works for the CORPERATIONS that think have Governmental powers to steal the products of our labors for violation U S C 18 ss 242 it's the rico act in pro-bono Court there are no fines or imprisonment for stolen money SO A GILTIY VERDICT MEANS THE DEATH PENALTY !

  10. I watched a cop woman drunk refusing to take them tests she said to the cop are you effing kidding me you know them tests are for giving you more evidence to convict.she told them the tests are all a fix, here in the UK the cops wouldnt be bothered with all that shit, they give you a roadside bag to blow into instead of all that crap.hat a waste of time and resources.

  11. This was pretty good,I’m glad he was there for them,those cops weren’t there for her best interest,they were there to harass people & charge them with what ever they could find,this person was not afraid of those cops at all,& knew they were going to try & have him trespassed before they even tried,props to this man sorry I diden’t get his name.

  12. The Mesa PD is deliberately challenging the DOJ. They are like Edward G. Robinson in a 1930s gangster movie shouting "come and get me copper!".

  13. Sounds like the entire mesa pd is full of criminal pigs. Hopefully they get offed very soon because they wont be held accountable any other way. They are commiting violent crimes right on camera but nothing is done about it. This means the city of mesa is an accomplice to their crimes for turning a blind eye. If you value your life you should arm yourself so you have the abilty to defend yourself against the criminal cops in mesa and elswhere.

  14. I wonder if the cop could be sued for slander or libel for spreading lies about you in order to harm you or cause you problems as a back door to violating your right to record

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