Maxine Waters Confuses Sovereign Border with Slavery

Make no mistake, I don’t think she’s talking out of ignorance but in calculated lies to deceive people and keep them divided. Disgusting.

If you want to watch the full episode and the breakdown of the domestic response in Utah from a cop perspective, it’s right here on my channel or the audio is anywhere you can listen to podcasts: Failure to Stop

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33 thoughts on “Maxine Waters Confuses Sovereign Border with Slavery

  1. A horse can kill an adult, not just children. I have scars on my arm from not being able to get out of the way of freaked out horses. I could have easily been killed. Other grown men have been killed. I was the one who took care of those horses. They liked me but they are living creatures and they panicked. They have likes, dislikes, fears, moods, and they can get nervous. Some city people (especially ones who have never owned a pet, much less a horse) act like they know better than the people who actually work with them. They think we are just stupid.

  2. Maxine Waters, AOC, Omar and Talib are probably some of the worst people to come into power in the U.S. federal government. If the DNC did not have those people in their party I’d say that the DNC would be a better political party.

  3. I thought dino's were extinct. She's a nut and should have been out of the House for protesting while surrounded by her own security while she's saying to get up in thier face and tell them this that and the other. Trump has been gone, it's this administration that has been completely insane.

  4. Are you aware MAGAs are suspected of hiring the busses, drivers, and recruiting the people on them? Look into it.
    As to diseases, unvaxed Republicans are our primary problem.
    Horseback with whips? Come on, man. I saw the vids. You're the liars, and I suspect you know it as well as I.

  5. It's good to see that not all of James Brown's wigs are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    I wonder how many $7.00 donations from her constituents it took to pick that one up!
    Not to mention the numerous rolls of double-sided, extra-sticky tape it must have taken to affix it to her irregularly shaped pate …

  6. CNN and Fox News both have dozens of published articles where they call each other "competitors." That's all you need to know to understand that the media can't be trusted.. How exactly can information be a competition? What are you competing for? What is the prize?

  7. :: Breonna Taylor — Tamir Rice — Botham Jean — Daniel Shaver — Philando Castile — John Crawford — Luis Rodriguez — Dillon Taylor — John T Williams — Kelly Thomas — Casey Goodson — Adam Toledo — Hannah Fizer — Justine Damond — Dontrell Stephens — Denise Williams — Fanta Bility — Andrew Brown — Ronald Greene — Winston Smith — Elijah McClain — Joshua Feast — Ahmaud Arbery — Trayvon Martin — Rayshard Brooks — Walter Wallace Jr. — David McAtee — Sandra Bland — Michael Brown — Emmett tell — Daunte Wright — George Floyd — Aiyana Jones — Marvin David Scott III — Rekia Boyd — Patrick Lynn Warren Sr — Jonathan Ferrell — Vincent Belmonte — Dontre Hamilton — Eric Garner

  8. I've lived the majority of my life on the west coast… I've dealt with earthquakes… Went to Missouri long enough to see the Joplin tornado… Does she think it's only other countries who have natural disasters? And.. Yes, make the Steelers great again.. If only they would bring back Troy… It hasn't been the same since.

  9. dominican republic
    the cacos islands
    puerto rico
    costa rica

    just to name a few countries that would be closer to the us (fair exception to miami which is pretty close) than america

    and the fact there traveling through MEXICO to get there makes that journey even longer
    its the same shit we deal with in the uk

    we have absolutley no problem helping refugees well do what we can to help out with all incidents like this US and UK are some of the first countries who immidiatly swing into action with getting aid sent to countries in need like this

    and if that means taking in some refugees thats ok too

    but why is it we time and time again end up with the majority of refugees despite being the furthest away from them
    they travel through sometimes upto 10 countries who they could of accepted asylum refugee status with but time and time again they choose the uk

    there comes a point when its clear you dont care about asylum and care more about the bennefits of moving to those countries

  10. I've got something to say about those cowboys. Their schedule for the first 8 weeks is pretty damn easy, also one of the saddest divisions in the nfl; if they get first place, it's not hard. And the steelers are gonna come in last place in the AFC north. and if we stop talking about politics all the time, we will get along much better. NONE OF THIS IS CONSEQUENTIAL TO MOST OF US.

  11. Horses can kill you easily multiple relatives and people I know of has been killed by horses. They are large powerful animals. That being said they are a amazing tool to go where you cant with machines faster and even places you can't on foot. I was a trainer and groomer of horses. When being around horses it's not if you get hurt it's when you get hurt. Look what happened to superman (one of the older actor that played the role) he got hurt by horse riding and now is in a wheelchair

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