Man Wearing Pink Underwear on His Head Tries to Borrow Skateboard From Police, Gets Arrested

From the report of Officer Zach Carroll:

On 6/30/19 at about 2028 hours Officers at Sedro-Woolley Police Department were alerted to a disturbance at the Sedro-Woolley Skate Park at by a male yelling at officers and firefighters from the skate park. Officers contacted the male and recognized him as Taylor Sedrick [age 20]. Officers had contacted Sedrick earlier when a resident called about him sitting on their porch refusing to leave. During that contact Sedrick’s movements were exaggerated and erratic. He would gesture wildly and salute passing cars and inanimate objects. His behavior and rapid speech led officers to believe he was under the influence of a stimulant. Sedrick was also carrying a six-foot long tree branch and a smaller and sharper stick with something wrapped around it as a handle.

During the Skate Park contact Sedrick was still erratic, carrying the branch and small sharp stick. Now he was wearing underwear over his face and had effectively frightened all the park-goers from the Skate Park. Sedrick attempted to come into the secure area of the police and fire department parking lot and was warned to leave. After leaving, Sedrick fixated on a car full of juveniles pulling up to the Skate Park. He began engaging with them by yelling and holding his hands up as if to suggest a fight. The car began to back away from the parking lot and Sedrick began running toward the vehicle, preventing them from safely backing up. Sedrick was yelling profanities at the vehicle including “You want to f me up? I’ll f you up!” as he ran toward them. As the vehicle drove away, Sedrick continued to posture as if wanting to fight.

Officers contacted Sedrick and placed him under arrest for Disorderly Conduct, Disrupting Traffic, and Disruptive Language. Sedrick provided static resistance and as officers began to search his person became unruly and sporadic, thrashing at officers. Officers secured him in a patrol car and he later slipped his handcuffs to the front, unbuckled his seatbelt, and began hitting the safety partition separating himself from Officer Eddy, who was transporting him to jail for booking.

Based on the information above Taylor Sedrick was cited for Obstructing Traffic per SWMC and Use of Abusive Language per SWMC


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49 thoughts on “Man Wearing Pink Underwear on His Head Tries to Borrow Skateboard From Police, Gets Arrested

  1. If only somebody had a spare skateboard to lend. We could have had a video of crazy underwear guy getting wheeled off on a stretcher after eating cement trying to drop in from the half pipe lip instead

  2. Lol, he throws the panties to the other officer and says “ those are panties, throw them away though.”
    I mean what did he think he was going to do with them….lol

  3. You know those cops let him keep the knickers over his demented face to make the cops that’ve been stuck at the jails day a little brighter.
    Cut him some slack guys he’s clearly trying to make America great again.

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